Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wow you look your age!

OK I know I've said it a million times before and I will say it a million times more I have been super busy.
I will go with recent items first. I got my hair cut yesterday and I did not realize how bad my hair looked before. I got a more stylish cut and everyone says that they love it. According to Bud I look my age for once. So the next logical question was how old do I look? "Older than dirt" is his reply. Yeah. Thanks kiddo.
The Jets have signed Brett Farve....(in a most sarcastic tone) Joy! I am not a fan of Farve, but I love my Jets.
I have once again been assigned a new supervisor at work, and let's just say proper communication is not her thing. I do not mean please and thank you proper. I mean speaking with an ounce of respect.
Bud & I went camping last weekend.. It has been 25 years since this lady has been camping. I did enjoy it. I think I will have to go again next year.
The disturbing this was a big huge custom road sign that was on a property just outside of Springwater that read........"No trespassing.....Property is protected by Pitbulls with AIDS" The house on the property was a trailer. Now come on. Nothing against trailers, but really the sign? Is it necessary? If I was not so disgusted with the sign, I might have taken a picture, but it was in clearly poor taste! That being said Bud and I are going to Canada to visit the extended family.

Enjoy life!