Monday, April 11, 2011

Hair it is only hair

Bud has long hair for a boy right now. He likes it that way and I am one of those parents that think it is "only hair no big deal". There are others that are having a fit because it is longer than his collar. The hubs and my dad being two of them. He is polite, he is witty and is afraid to lie. So right now I am ok with the long hair. In fact the last time we went to get his hair cut he cried. Not because it hurt, because he loves his hair and they cut it too short. So I have to take him to Mr. Bobby for a hair trim this weekend and I am hoping for no meltdown, just because it is no big deal. enjoy life!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Do NOT leave your child with me.

One would think that having my own 9 year old that I would be ok with other 9 year olds. Well, guess again. Let me tell you why.

Some time last month my son and his hockey team went to Syracuse for a tournament. I informed the goalie that if he played his heart out I would take him to Olive Garden as a reward.
Not only did he play his heart out he won the Goalie contest. that the kids are on February Recess we went to Olive Garden on Monday. On Tuesday he missed our non-league hockey game due to the stomach puke/poop bug. I felt horrible. Really horrible.
Now on Wednesday I had promised another hockey player on our team that since her dad and older sibings were going to Florida for break I would take her to the local AHL game. We go to the game and all is well until........just around the corner from our final destination as I am driving from the back seat all of a sudden I hear "Mrs. Mommyrox my tooth fell out". Wait a minute let me rephrase it really went like this...

Bud: eewww that's wet and I am not putting it in my mouth.

Mommyrox: What's wet??? Your mouth is for eating and talking.

Buds friend: ....and burping. (I roll my eyes)

Bud: the ribbon is in my mouth.

MR: Take the ribbon out now. (some rustling in the back seat)

Buds friend: Mrs. Mommyrox my tooth fell out

MR: Was it loose?

BF: No

MR: Are you kidding me?

BF: Can I have a napkin, I am bleeding.

MR: Does it hurt? Are you ok? Your mom's gonna kill me.

BF: I'm fine.

I pull over get the napkin and finish the 3 minutes to get her to her friends house since she was going to a sleep over.

I walk her in to her friends house get her a glass of water and explain the situation to the mom. Who by the way is just about laughing herself in to stitches

After this I leave because there is not much else I can do at this point.
Bud is literally asking if friends mom is really going to kill me. I said No. But her dad is an attorney and he may sue the pants off us. No. Not really. Well, maybe.

I called the girls mom in the morning and she laughs thinking it is hysterical and I am all freaked out about it. Am I missing somehing here? I have just sent your child home with one less bone than she came with.

She did go to the dentist and all is well. It is a baby tooth that would have some out on its own by the time she is 15. Umm.... yeah.... she is 9. That is 6 years from now. Does that mean she is going ot have a gaping hole for 6 years?????? OYE!

Let that be a lesson.

Do NOT leave your children with me.

Enjoy life!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hug the one your with

Hug your family, friends, and friends that are family.

That is all for today.

Enjoy life!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Hate crime" (thoughts needed)

What constitutes a hate crime?
Now I know that hate and crime are not the best words to use, so the definition is loose here.
If my child is called a name in a derogatory manner that is based on his race I can understand that being a "hate crime". How about if my child a called a name in a derogatory manner based on his gender? Is that crossing the line? If a boy at school is saying "you catch like a gaylord" is that a hate crime or is it bullying? Regardless of how he catches true or not it bothers me. Do I tell him to tell the teacher in a manner that says it is inappropriate? Do I let it slide after all they are only kids? Where do you draw the line on "hate crime". Again, I use the term loosely. We are talking 7 year olds so I understand the need for some leniency; however, did a child just get suspended for bringing a cub scout tool to school? Yes, these are apples and oranges, but I do not know what is a "hate issue"
Do I feel that if my child calls someone a gaylord that he will get suspended? Sure. After all my maternal instinct says that unless you know my kid you are out to punish first ask questions later.

October is complete another dear friend has been diagnosed with cancer and an uncle has passed away. Please let 2009 be over with.

Enjoy life!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

My afternoon yesterday

Names are changed to protect the next door neighbor.

Missed a call at work yesterday and checked my voice mail message at 4:30:
Message from Hubs Mommyrox – where is Bud? I am at Daycare center. Call me.
I called Hubs on his cell.
Me: What do you mean Where is Bud? he should be there.
Hubs: No he is not here.
I hang up and call the school transportation department. I tell them who I am where I live and that my son who is 7 did not go to Daycare.
The lady at transportation (tsp) says hold on while I call your bus driver, he is a substitute.
I hold and hold and hold.
Tsp comes back on: there are no extra children on the bus.
Me: Where is my son? Where did he go? (believe it or not I am calm. Shocker I know.)
Tsp: Please hold again. Longer this time.
Tsp: your son is at the neighbors house Mrs. Jones, she has him.
Me: WHO? I do not know who that is.
TSP: that is your neighbor.
Me: No, my neighbor is Mrs. Smith. What is her first name?
TSP: Her first name is Jane.
Me: Is her daughter Suzie?
TSP Yes, but we do not have her listed as Smith we have her as Jones.
I let tsp know that she is a Dr. and the kids call her Mrs. Smith (like they really care) so my missing child is located at the neighbors and that Hubs is on his way to get him.

I call Daycare place in a stern mommy voice and tell them that my son did not get off the bus there and that he is their responsibility. They should have called me when he did not get off the bus at 4:00 and that from 4:00-4:45 my son was not accounted for by people who were supposed to be watching him. I will not run down the could haves because I will get mad.

I called the bus garage and asked what is the policy for dropping children off at home when there is not an open door nor any cars in the drive way? They said they typically do not let the kids go from the primary school. I do not hold the bus garage at fault and I told them, because had Daycare called I could have had Bud re routed from that bus to Daycare before he got off alone. James did say that he sat on the front step for a few minutes and it was too cold so he went to Mrs. Smiths' house because a car was there.

I cancelled the daycare effective today and now he is going to another neighbors house. I filed a complaint with Child and Family services against the Daycare center. I don't think that I am overreacting in this day and age. For 15 minutes of my day I did not know where my child was. He was unaccounted for by the center for 45 minutes. Things happen in the blink of an eye. Yes my child is responsible for a 7 year old, but not to be left alone. He is only 7.

Yes, all is well that ends well. I gave him a big hug when I got home and gave him some extra strawberry ice cream. I also took some home made applesauce over to the neighbors.

Enjoy life!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Glasses not one, but two pair

Doesn't it figure that a week before school pictures Bud breaks his glasses. Not an easy break either, it's the part where the hinge folds the glasses.
Well to be honest he did not break them. The bow or arm or what ever you want to call it just slid off. So the natural thing to do would be to take the glasses to the repair place and get them fixed pronto! Apparently the hubs did not WANT to take the glasses to get fixed. Something about teaching Bud a lesson. ARRGGHH So three days after they were broken on Saturday after I put 200 miles on the mom mobile I had to tack on another 100 driving to the eyeglass place and back to the hockey rink to make sure that I get the glasses back in time for school pictures (this Friday). No guarantee though. We gave bud the back up glasses and don't ya know it the part that holds the padding for the nose piece broke "in the middle of morning meeting" it was a very exasperated statement from a 7 year old. I did have to laugh at that part. Like he had to meet with the CEO or something.
So now we are down 2 pair of glasses and we have none for school pictures. The pair that he is wearing now has this white pad on the nose piece where the broken part is. Stands out like a broken leg.
It looks like I am running to the instant glasses place to get him a pair of glasses on Thursday night if we do not have glasses by then. Thank goodness his practice is at 5:10 which gives me enough time to get them done. Anything else to add to my week????

Enjoy life!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What have I NOT done lately

AHHH Post that's it.

Not that I have a large loyal following, but this is my place to discuss.

There is not too much going on. Second grade is trying. Not on my son noooo, he loves it. The teacher & I had a small disagreement. I sent Bud to school with $20 to give to the lunch lady for 2 1/2 weeks of lunches. I said "Bud, keep this in your pocket and when you get to the lunch lady please give it to her". He did. Well, the lunch lady told the teacher and at open house the teacher comes up to me and asked "why would you send $20 to school with Bud?". I kind of shrugged it off and said "for lunch" she answered me in a surprised tone saying "that is what he said" Well Duuhhhh .
Anyways, she went on to imply that it was too much responsibility for a child to take that to school.
Keep in mind Bud is not like my brother and I were. You gave us $5 and we were waving it in each others face saying look what I got and you don't. So while she was on her soapbox just about to tell me I was irresponsible I interrupted her and said "I trust my son that when I give him money to give to someone he will do it". If he looses it that is my fault not his. I did not make a big deal of it to Bud. I finished up by really sending the message home I said "I TRUST HIM." Does that make me a bad mom? I don't think so. Like I said before, if he lost it it is my problem. I did mention to Bud that I trust him and that he may not realize that he did something to completely earn my trust. He said he felt good about it. and that it was not that big of a deal.


LET"S GO JETS! I know its too early in the season, but 3-0 already is OK with me.

Enjoy life.