Thursday, April 27, 2006

Love the Delta Sonic!

You may recall my issue where I left my car window down and it rained in my car for 24 hours straight. Well I took her to the Delta Sonic which those for you not familiar is a car wash/detail/oil change shop. I went to get my car taken care of with a "Kleen Air" thing since my car was beginning to smell like mildew from my stupidity. Here is where the LOVE the Delta Sonic comes in. They did the Kleen Air thing, cleaned and shampooed my carpets and seats, and my car mats! I can see the NY Jets helmet on my car mats again! My car with over 100,000 miles on it is like new! I keep taking these deep smells and I am so pleased it smells so good! I can not even begin to tell you how happy I am. Now, this was no easy task. My car was there all day and so naturally I had to take the day off from work. My father picked me up at the Detail shop with Bud and we had a full day. Going to Tim Hortons for breakfast, to the park to play on the playground, to McDonald's to play in the Playplace, back to his house and picked up sticks in the yard from the recent winds, and then back to get my car.
It was a great day. Especially the part where Bud says I loved today! It was a Bud, Papa and mommy day, that I will store in my memory box because that sweet little voice and the sincerity behind it is priceless. The tough thing was today he said as I was going to work, mommy....can we have "family day" today? I had to say no. Since my husband works weekends we do not have many a "family day" like most people. So maybe tomorrow we will have a family day. After all the days go by so fast!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Not one, but two hat tricks! Go Buffalo!

Now I have never been a fan of the Buffalo Sabres. I know.... I know..... how is that possible when I love the Amerks. I'll tell you. It's the coaching. I like the Amerks organization, and the coaching staff. I do not like the Buffalo coaches. I think that L. Ruff is a bozo. I am proud of the accomplishments of the former Amerks that have risen to the challenge of the NHL. J. Pomminville, Ryan Miller, Paul Gaustead, JP Dummont and Derek Roy. Now no one likes to be in the lower ranks of the AHL, but these guys are where they are because of their skill and their ability to be coached. My hats off to Cunnyworth and Houda who have assisted these guys.
Pomminville & Dummont each got a hat trick last night and the game was good to watch (unless you were a Flyers fan) Sorry Mistah RT. That 10 smackers will be a nice addition to my wallet. Unless Buffalo tanks. Let's hope not.

Monday, April 24, 2006

What was funny about my weekend........

Random things that happened that were funny. By Bud.

When asking for breakfast says "can I have oap-pa-meal" (oatmeal)
When asking for cartoons "can I watch real cartoons" as opposed to what... fake ones????
No mommy I do not want lunch now, in a few minutes I'll be hungry.....(after 3 seconds) Ok I'm hungry now.
I'm 4.... when I am 5 I can do big kid things....but I am a big kid so I can do them, but not till I am 5. (He lost me on that one)
We were cleaning out the "baby clothes" from his dresser and he realized that some of his hockey shirts do not fit anymore. He says When I get smaller I can fit them. I said Bud you are not getting smaller you are getting bigger. Well you are getting smaller I some up to here (pointing to my waist) on you now. Ummm yeah that's it. Not going to explain that one. old are you. I said how old do you think I am? He says old. I said that is right! then I thought about that statement and I am not so sure I like it.

To top off my weekend I had left my car window open on Friday night and my husband noticed it when he came home from work on Saturday evening. So that left an entire 24 hours of on and off hard rain in my car. My butt is soaked today at work and I can not get the damp feeling out of my system. I thought for sure it would be dry today, but NOOOOO! It is still soaked. I did not think that it would be that wet, but I did not notice till after I dropped Bud off at school, and have the wet spot on my hind end! Sometimes I am an idiot.
Hope your day is going better.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Prayers to you my friend and the family of your loved one lost.

The age old question.... Why do bad things happen to good people? I don't mean that while you were cleaning the china you accidentally broke a piece. I mean when babies are robbed of their mommies and husbands are robbed of their wives. Good people in the prime of their young lives, doing good things. Today is a beautiful day. The wind is warm on my cheek and it is not too hot out. The sun is blazing in the sky and it is truly a glorious day.
I received an email from a very dear friend which sparked off a frenzy of email love to other friends and family. Her friend has passed suddenly while carrying her unborn child. The child has since been brought in to the world and with all of the love that a grieving husband can muster he will carry on in love. Love for his wife and love for his child.
So I ask you again, why do bad things happen to good people? I do not want to know what the life lesson is here because it is always the same. ...... you will not get more than you can handle.......they are in a far better place now........they were part of a bigger and better plan.....this too shall pass......yadda yadda yadda.

Sorry, that is not good enough. All a stranger can say (since that is what I am) is I am so sorry. I am so very sorry. As I carry on today and tomorrow with my husband and my son, in a cruel twisted fate, I am so sorry. I will pray for your strength and for that of your child. I will think of you every once in a while and hope that things are going well. That is the best I can offer. I am thousands of miles away and the only thing I can do is wish you strength in the coming days....months....years.

La Dolce Vita my prayers are with you as well and I wish you the same strength to get through this.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I have nothing to say today.
Can you believe it?
Nothing exciting happened yesterday and there is no funky day to celebrate.
I can tell you about Easter. It was quite lovely! We had beef tenderloin, twice baked potatoes, a cool-whip salad, rolls, and gravy. You will notice I forgot a vegetable. We all got over it though. I just forgot to take the peas out of the freezer and nuke them..... my bad! All considered it was really good if I must say so myself. [pat on the back]
Bud had a really great time at the Easter egg hunt at his great-grandma's house. Man that kid loves to run. He smiles where ever he is running to which I think is the cutest thing. One of these days a bug is going to fly in and that will be the end of that hee hee hee.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 17, 2006


What???? You never heard of Dyngus Day. Well I shall share with you the tradition of Dyngus Day.
Historically a Polish-American tradition, Dyngus Day celebrates the end of the often restrictive observance of lent and the joy of Easter. Over the decades, Dyngus Day has become a wonderful holiday to celebrate Polish-American culture, heritage and traditions.
There are many stories that attempt to explain the origins of the day. Many Polish customs date back to pre-Christian practices of our Slavic ancestors. The custom of pouring water is an ancient spring rite of cleansing, purification, and fertility. The same is true of the complimentary practice of switching with pussy willow branches. Many parties begin at Noon on the Monday after Easter with a large buffet of traditional Easter foods (Kielbasa, ham, fresh breads, eggs). It is common to hear polka music on Dyngus with the mandatory dancing of at least one polka.
Pussy Willows play a big part in Dyngus Day celebrations as men and women flirt with playful “taps”. Branches are used as the pussy willow is one of the first “budding” plants of Spring after a cold winter. But how did the pussy willow get its name? According to Polish legend, many springs ago, baby kittens fell into a raging river while chasing butterflies. The mother cat sadly wept at the river's edge, pleading for help for her drowning kittens. The willows heard her mournful cries and swept their long graceful branches into the water. The kittens grabbed the branches, held on tightly and were safely brought to shore. Every spring, from that day to this, the willows sprout fur-like buds where the tiny kittens once clung.
With the help of the Buffalo News & Mister Joe, that my friends is Dyngus Day.

So Happy Dyngus Day!

Friday, April 14, 2006

You learn something new everyday

I guess that is what is supposed to make one stronger or wiser or both. Anyways today I learned about fantasy baseball. I work in a 4 way cube with 2 guys. They were talking baseball and how much they like the sport. I was lost in the conversation, kind of like person c joining an a & b conversation, only being included. Well, at the end of it all I asked if one of them could explain fantasy baseball to me and we got in to discussions on the complexities of picking teams and such. I learned a lot. Then the statement came."you mean to tell me that the conversation we just had you had no idea what we were talking about?" my reply "umm yup". I guess I am good at looking like I understand something when I really don't. So now I can participate in the conversations somewhat intelligently! Very nice. I work next to a couple of nice guys who are manly men. They don't iron their shirts, but they were clean clothes. They hold intelligent conversations and have a mans attitude of whatever (unless it's sports). So maybe to the delight of my husband the next time he turns on the ball game I may pay attention just a bit to learn what the players do and what an ERA is (apparently it's not the detergent), and what an RBI is (not the Rochester Business Institute). There still is a lot to learn, but I will take it in stride.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I am such a nut!
I can not believe that I forgot the goodie bags for Bud's classmates. I was supposed to bring it today and I forgot. I will have to bring it tomorrow! Jeesh! There is nothing like walking into the class room and seeing some of the kids that will not be in school tomorrow bring in goodie bags for the other kids. I, the brilliant person that I am, forgot to bring ours in. So now I have to make an extra trip to the school tomorrow and drop the bags off on my way to work. Sometimes I wonder where my head is. The flip side is the living quarters of my home is all dusted, and cleaned up for out company. That just made my home sound big didn't it? Well it isn't. It is regular size. My hubs & I were all busy last night getting it done (the cleaning that is....). What a good feeling. My in laws are going to be at the house for dinner, and a good friend Miss B will be there too. I am looking forward to it. I really like my in-laws, the hubs dad and step-mom. They are nice people to be around. I personally do not spend a lot of time with them, but the hubs goes to his dads every once in a while to visit. Really the only time we spend together is when they come over for a birthday or Christmas. It will be nice to have them.
So tonight I will be stuffing Easter bags with HUGE amounts of GUILT and then be over it. Not that any kid needs more candy it is like Halloween in the spring.

sidenote: that pesky weatherman said cloudy today and not too warm. Well it is not cloudy and it is warm. JOY.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ok I am all better......well sort of.

It is a beautiful day out and I am so excited that my flowers have started to bloom. I have completed my eggs for Bud to do the Easter egg hunt on Sunday, and I am working on becoming more organized. Side note Target's generic version of ritz bits are....well..... not too good. I took Bud to get his new hockey helmet on Sat. and he loves it. He wears it all day, it is just so cute. My friend La Dolce Vita has a couple of really cute ones. I just want to pinch their cheeks they are so cute. Not too much going on in the happy front.
I have yet to figure out what is so damn funny!

Apparently my frustration is funny, and it is funny to more than one person. The hubs thinks that it is funny that I have not spoken to my parents in a week. We (my mom and I) usually talk once a day or every other day. We have not spoken since April 3. I was in the presence of my dad on Sunday and we sat next to each other for three hours and did not speak a word. I am just like my father. Then I see him at a meeting yesterday and he asks me if we are coming to dinner on Thursday. I said no. I have to work on Thursday and on Friday so staying out late is not an option for me. It works for one person and one person only... the brothers wife. Since my brother is a CPA and this is tax week for him it does not work for him either, but he has no back bone and will not say a word against his wife. Again who cares about the rest of the family. Anyways.... my dad then says that he is picking up Bud on the regular Tuesday night and that he is going out to dinner with my niece for her birthday. Now, wait a freakin' (insert your own bad word there) second here isn't she having a party on Saturday???? I will not even get in to their statement we" do the same for all of the kids" since that clearly is not the case here. I can not recall them ever taking James out special for his birthday. So flaunt that in my face why don't you. So hubs said to me last night have you talked to your dad yet? I said no we just set time for Bud to get picked up and established that we will not be at their dinner (a whole 8 second conversation). He laughs. I asked what is so funny. He just says you are. I am not trying to be. Well, my mother calls me at work today and says are you coming over on Thursday? I said that I already had that conversation with dad and that we are not going to be there. She said your father is picking up Bud tonight. I said I know. She laughs (the rude snickering way) and said ok bye.

I have enough shit going on right now. My head is hurting all the time since the mini-stroke, and I am stressing out on this family not having Easter dinner thing, and other life situations, and this call from her was the last thing I needed. Why is this a joke? What is so damn funny?
This may sound stupid, but I have prayed about this and it is keeping me up at night. I just do not know what to do. Breaking down is not an option.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

School Picture Day

The craziness that happens at school with.... get this.... the parents when children have to get their pictures taken at school. All of the girls are there in pretty dresses and the parents are instructing them (they're 3-4) how to straighten the dress for the picture, the parents of the boys just ask that they tuck in their shirt and don't get dirty. I said just smile. After all you are not going to see the dress you are getting a head shot. I mean really parents get the kids all dressed up in these nice outfits from head to toe, tell them to stay clean and you only get a head shot. Oh the madness! Is this the kind of stress that kids freak out on and say my parents made me this way?
I did notice that the picture packages are meant for rocket scientists to understand. You can get packages 1-17 that is all different size pictures, you can get random single pictures or just a class picture. Now a select few packages have this thing called premiere touch. That is if your child is frowning they can make him/her smile, if hair is out of place they smooth it. OK that is creepy. Who's smile are you going to put on my kid? I opted to pass on premiere touch, but I wanted the "keepsake 8x10" and you can not get that if you don't want the premiere touch. Are you still with me here. It is very confusing. I had to do a special add on for the 8x10 picture. I am still confused I just hope I have the right pictures. All I know is that in my world he is as cute as can be and I really do not need a picture to tell me.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

....but mommy it is just paper.

I handed my son his winnings from the NCAA pool last night. He takes the envelope and opens it up. He fans out the money and says with a big look of disappointment ....but mommy it is just paper. I did a slight chuckle. I guess he is used to change since that is what we give him. I told him that hockey helmets cost paper money and that he needed to hang on to that until we get to the store. He went in to his room and a few minutes later he came out with a bunch of strips of regular paper. He asked me if that was enough for a new stick. Clever, but I explained to him that money was on a special paper and that play money is not to buy real things. Seemed to work for now.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Do you make choices that will hurt others?

Think about that. I don't mean physically, but emotionally. I am relating to an earlier post that has been brewing in my brain waiting for the right time to blow like a volcano. I try to keep my emotions in check and to keep from loosing my temper, but I lost it last night in the car while talking on the phone with my brothers wife.

You may recall a previous post about my brothers wife looking at planning a party for my niece on the Saturday before Easter. Her actual birthday is April 11. The day that my side of the family celebrates Easter. You see we went to visit with my grandmother and her brother and on the way home I called my brothers wife to tell her that I noticed that she left her diaper bag there and that we are bringing it home for her. She could have said thanks, but she said well it had nothing in it and it was not a big deal. Well, you're welcome Miss Manners. Anyways she then proceeds to tell me that she has firmed up her date for the nieces birthday and it is on Easter Saturday. I said that is when we celebrate Easter. She indicated that she got the ok from both of my parents weeks ago. The fact that you had the Balls to ask them to change Easter pisses me off. Excuse me for a minute here. WHAT THE FUCK! Now, there are more than just my parents involved here, and they would never say no to a party for their grandchild. They adore all of their grandchildren. Brothers wife said that it was more convenient for her to have it then so that all of her family could be there. I said that I would not be attending since that is when I celebrate Easter with my family and I hope that they have a good time. Sorry Easter is not a dinner of Pizza and Wings in my book. I am not overtly religious, but I draw the line there. After all she is having Easter with HER parents on Easter Sunday.

So after I get home roughly 10pm there is a message on the phone from my dad. He was not calling my cell for reasons unknown, so I call him. He says that Easter in his house can be changed to either the Thursday night before Easter or the Saturday after. I said that over thirty years of tradition are not something to just push aside and that I am having Easter at my house if they were not going to have it. We did not meet eye to eye and that is how it is left. Aside of the fact that my brother has nothing to say (apparently his balls were handed to his wife on their wedding day), and my parents will easily make choices that shatter the family values that I thought I was brought up with over tradition. Our family was built on values or so I thought. Think about that. The things that we look forward to are events with close family and friends that do not occur daily. It is now up to me to bring my son up on the values that I thought I had. I am now going to carry on my family tradition that my parents have tossed aside and open that up to my friends that are like family and if you are reading this that means you. If you are interested. Please feel free to come to my house with your children and enjoy a beef tenderloin dinner at 5:00 in celebration of Easter and family values. (Just let me know that you are coming so that there is enough to eat). After anger and hurt what are the next emotions??? I am bracing myself. :-(

side note: Our 4 year old won our office pool for NCAA Basketball. He was so excited that he said he wants to buy a new hockey helmet. Go Figure!