Monday, February 27, 2006

Howdy Partner..... What a weekend!

It is still a blur. We went to a birthday party this weekend. It was great. Bud had a blast, and I too indulged in the running around like a kid for an afternoon. The party was at the YMCA in the local city and the room that was rented was the general rec room where everything is foamy and cushy. Huge slides and blocks for all of the kids to play on. We ran around and played on all of the equipment rolled on the floor and jumped from one big cushy toy to the next. Yes, it held all of my weight. All in all it was a nice time. Good or all ages 1-6 years old, and for those of us in our 30's it was fun just to play with your kid.

Sunday was kind of nutty. I am packing for a trip across the country. Since I have never been there I am not sure what to pack, and really do not want to over pack. I have pulled out my travel clothes and I am not sure what I really need. So I have not packed anything. For those of you that know me this does not come as a surprise. This will make the hub's mad at me. Since I am a procrastinator, I am just fueling the fire. I will make good on it and get it done tonight. Since I now have to worry about packing food on the plane. I can not believe that you must bring on your food. No worries, I will deal with it and hope for the best.

Here is a follow up to the moose birthday card. Bud made a very nice card with the help of his daddy. We then put some hockey stickers on it and some birthday stickers. The Moose came looking for him and gave him a personalized thank you note. The afore mentioned insult to the moose. I humbly apologize. You have redeemed yourself. Another note.... one of the forwards on the Amerks hockey team gave Bud a practice puck when he came off the ice on Friday night. Now, despite the fact that we are at almost all of the games, things like that do not happen. So mega kudos to #25 for thinking of the kids (especially mine) to make sure that they still love the sport.

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 24, 2006

I feel the need to point out the obvious.
Here are the topics

Olympics - Go ahead walk in with that big chip on your shoulder, can do no wrong, I am the greatest person attitude. You will not get all the gold you want. Just ask Sasha, Chad, Shani and that major ego flop chick from the extreme snowboarding. You are representing your country.

Work- If you have a lot of work to do just do it. One project at a time. It is not that hard, stop complaining to everyone in the world about how much work you have and get busy.

Shopping - Don't sell items as 10 for $10. I do not have that much space to store items. I would like to buy one or two items at a deal. Should I have the space for 10 things I will buy it then.

Thank you notes - Send them. If you receive a gift by all means send a note of thanks. How hard is it?? That falls in line with manners saying please, thank you, bless you and your welcome.

I believe that is all for now. I am sure to have some great stories over the weekend, after all we are delivering a birthday card to a moose AND still have missing shingles on the roof. Heeeey I just re-read that could that qualify me as a Dr. Seuess wanna be?

Much love to the friends & family!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

What was I thinking
I didn't have a birthday card!

At the ole' hockey barn last night there was a big production for the mascots birthday. There were mascots from all over the county. It actually was quite impressive. Well Bud goes up to The Moose as it was his birthday and said "Happy Birthday Moose" gives him a hug and a high five. He then looks at me and says "where is his birthday card mommy?". A bit flabbergasted I stammered a bit and said "umm what are you talking about?". Moose takes his hands and gives ME the body language for "Where is it". My thought to this ball of fur is Stupid ass what are you looking at me like that for. Do I look like the card fairy? Bud says "Didn't you get him a card? It's bad manners not to give a birthday card." Now, this comes from my telling him last weekend that we had to buy a birthday card for his friend at school who was having a party that he went to. So this darn Moose is looking at me with his hands over his eyes shaking his head like he is crying. My thought is OH PUHLEEZE! Bud playing off of this says "Mommy he gave us ice cream what are we going to do?" Well I am clearly taken aback by this entire thing, so I say "well you will have to make him a picture and give it to him on Friday". This seemed to please all concerned and Bud gives him one more hug and makes his merry way to all of the other mascots. I have decided that when I explain something to my son he stores it in his brain to repeat to me at the most in-opportune time. My grandma used to say "Children should be seen and not heard" I think that applied last night. But then again my internal recording of Bud, keep your hands to yourself.....Bud, keep your hands to yourself just about made me crazy after the 50th time. Since he was seen and not heard for that.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Work work work and more work

After my little tantrum yesterday I am much better today. My work has been a bit crazy. I am trying to get so much done in such a little bit of time. I am really exhausted from work that when I get home I really am tired. Mentally. Last night I worked late and when I walked in the door my hubs says so where do you want to go for dinner. My thought was who me? the most miserable person right now? but my reply is less than stellar. I say the traditional "I don't know, I don't care, what do you want to do" He is less than pleased with that. You see, with a little kid we don't go out much if at all. When we do it is an event such as birthday or holiday. Since I am no longer working my part-time job in addition to my full time job we (just the two of us) have not gone out to dinner in at least five months. It really could be longer. Pizza delivery and McDonald's do not count. He got ready and once again was the where do you want to go? I finally mentioned a place called Otto Tomato. You say tomato.... I say tomato deal..... It was good. really good. It was just the two of us and no children. There were not any children in the restaurant either which to me was a plus. We sat in the back and talked about everything and nothing. I really think I needed that.

Now don't get me wrong I love my son, but I love my hubs too and that was a nice night out.

Olympics da de da da..... Love that Kimmie gal and Sasha was just lovely. Not too impressed with the attitude from the men's speed skating team. Impressed with the bobsledding they were cool.

On to the hockey barn tonight.....woo hoo

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

There she blows........

What part of as soon as possible did you not catch? Apparently I have called the GUMP of roofers. "perhaps I can put an estimate in your door sometime tomorrow" this guy says. URRGGHHH!
So I said ok, but it needs to be the detailed estimate that the insurance guy needs. "Well I am not sure that I can do that, there is a lot of work needed". Hello.... anyone home? My reply "so did we waste my time, or can you do this? It is winter and I have roof parts missing." he says "Yeah I can be there tomorrow". So I called someone else that I was referred to. Let's hope this goes better. Am I asking too much? I mean I know I am not Donald Trump and I don't live in a palace with loads of dollars, but I do have .... I was about to say I have a roof over my head, but clearly that is not the case right now. Jeesh! I am getting a bit grumpy. I think I need a time out.

So, again last night with the Olympics I don't know what it is. I can't help myself. I was watching ice dancing and the ski jumpers. Those kids jumping were 19 years old. Can you imaging going to the Olympics at 19. The ice dancers were pretty cool. Apparently something happened to the Canadian team, because Team USA said "our silver medal is great, but our thoughts are with (two names I don't recall) from Canada". What a nice sentiment. Compassion is a great thing.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Home home on the range

Well you might be asking yourself how is that roof thing going? Let me tell you, not so good. There was snow and more wind so the estimate guy could not look at the damage and provide an estimate for obvious reasons. What is the next step? Your guess is as good as mine. Roof man says I'll be back in a day or two to see if I can get on that roof. OK pal, I really don't have a day or two. This is my roof we're talking about. So I am giving him until 5:00 today to give me the numbers. If there are no numbers today I am going to turn in to " Mean Mommy". Yup that is what my bud calls me when all of the buttons have been pushed. This guy does not want to see the mean mommy. It is not pretty.
Normally, I think that I am a tolerant and patient person, but we are talking my home. Now I realize that are no gaping holes or big patches of shingle missing, but a couple dozen here and there are a lot in my world of home ownership. I spent most of the weekend waiting for this guy to show up, and climb that roof so I could get the estimate to the insurance adjustor. Not a very productive weekend.
I did catch the Olympics naturally. I must say those ski jumpers are pretty neat, and that Shauni Davis was impressive in the speed skating.

Friday, February 17, 2006

We're not in Kansas anymore!

Ahh nope, we are in the next windiest place in the world right now. Have you seen my shingles? They are black and about 1 1/2 feet in length and I bet they are blowing around your neighborhood as we speak. They certainly are not on my roof that is for sure. When I woke up to the wind howling at O'dark thirty and no power there was not much else to do, but look out in the dark at the nothingness. Through the clouds the moon was quite bright, but it was still dark out if you catch my drift. It seems that through this wind thing going on my shingles had decided that they were not content being on my roof. Well la de da da. (Husband just called more are flying to coop) I (the hubs & I) know nada about roofing and we are not too fond of heights. So If there ever were a superman for the homeowner I would need him now. Well I suppose a roofer would do for a temp. fix on the homestead until I get the insurance thing going. I did call the insurance guy who was VERY nice. Seemed concerned that we had runaway shingles. Not very helpful in TX, but nice nonetheless. He did ask the most obvious question. Well if you have no power or phone where are you calling from. Well bright guy. It's called a cell. I may not have shingles, but at least my elevator goes to the top. I would say that the lights are on and someone is home, but as you just read there are no lights.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Didja see me? didja see me? Mommy didja see me? I was on the team

Have I mentioned that hockey is pretty much what happens in my house on a daily basis? If it is not in my house it is happening at a place where we are at. Last night was skate with the Amerks. Now to some people it is one of those ....well who really cares scenarios.... Well to my little guy it is the greatest thing in the world. They are the famous people. They are on TV, they have a jersey with numbers on it, they have real big hockey sticks, they can fight with only a two minute penalty.

Last night we had the priviledge of skating with the Amerks. I think that the world was about to tilt off it's axel. All 3 feet 6 inches of my son went out on the ice skating like a pro. He has had lessons for the past year and a half, so he was in his element. He recognizes all of the players by number not really name, but he does have a few choice ones he can recall. Now when the real players all come on the ice with the jerseys on he just about blows a gasket. Eyes so big and jaw dropping to the ice, this normal blabber mouth who typically can't sit still to save his life looses all ability to talk and move. He barley comes to their knees which is a picture in itself, and once the novelty wore off and he regained his skating legs and he was off. He still has not gained the ability to speak. So he does what he is comfortable doing. He goes whizzing past the players and crosses over in front just to say "hey you... number 16". That is it. He has lost all of the words that would normally come pouring out of his mouth. This was the equivalent of going to Disney for most children. All of the pictures we took and all of the skating that he did with the players was summed up in one statement "mommy mommy mommy I am part of the team".

In the car ride all...the....way.....home...... the babbling child has found all of those missing words to say everything he wanted to say. He would not stop. It all began with "didja see me ...didja see me mommy.... I was on the team"

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The first step is admitting that you have a problem.

My name is mommyrox and I am an addict. I did not realize how much so until just the other day. I realized it when at 11:00 I got out of bed and had to go to the source. There I was at 2:30 in the morning, 3:30 in the morning just staring watching...... Then all of a sudden it's 6:00 am and my husband comes out of the bedroom and says what is going on? I am addicted to the Olympics. That was harder than I thought it would be. It started simply enough watching the recap of the opening ceremonies after I came home from the Amerks game. My addiction then progressed with the speed skating, then the skiing, ladies hockey, snowboarding the half pipe, and oh yes the figure skating. The most dangerous part of it all is when I was up at the afore mentioned 2:30 am watching curling. Yes, I was one of them. That was the defining moment when I realized that there was a problem. Who in their right mind watches curling at 2:30 in the morning.
I clearly had dependency issues when the Westminster dog show was on in competition with the Olympics. Especially when the Rotti (my breed of choice) & the Pug (La Dolce Vitas breed) were in the Best in Show. I had to do what I hate the most. Flip the channel.

Now on to the Men's hockey. I am waiting and counting down the hours until I can catch the game. I just don't know how I am going to handle the withdrawal that will soon follow in the coming days. I had an enormous high when in the short program the USA pairs team completed I believe to be a first for the history of the Olympics, a triple throw, but that was replaced by a crushing blow when Apolo Anton Ohno fell, however I will deal with the disappointment and get through it. With the help of my friends I will succeed and be a better, stronger person.

My name is mommyrox and I am an addict!
Thank you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

He loves me he.... loves me not.....

No... really..... he loves me. After all he married me. We have been together for many years. And through the good, the bad, and the ugly we are still here. I still love him and for that matter always will. Sorry no words of wit or great story today. I love my man and thought I would share it.

the mommy

Monday, February 13, 2006

Not dead yet........
Just felt like it for a few days.

So I have been out of touch for the past few days, I have been overcome with the icktamicktafrictis (thanks snarkalupagus for the term). That is when you feel like crap and you swear it is the flu, but it is not. So here is the weekly round up.

As I was celebrating the new snow that has come (FINALLY!!!) I come down with the ickta. So on Tuesday last week I call in to the ole' paycheck house and say I am staying home. I drive my son to school. It is really cold and windy and I mean really cold and windy. As I am driving back home from taking the cutest little boy to school at 8:45 I come to a lady whom I passed while driving to school. She is in a really nice purple coat with a purse and what appears to be a work bag walking over a railroad overpass. Quick judgment call and the lady is alone with no chance of dismembering my body. I turn my car around drive back over the bridge and realize that I can not get to her on the opposite side of the bridge so I turn the car around again and stop on the bridge when I get to her. This is a two lane bridge and I am holding up traffic. I say to her very nicely " please get in. It is very cold and I can take you where you need to go." She understandably hesitates. I am not a freakish looking nut who would hurt her. I am in my little sedan with car seat a various toys tossed in the back seat. She gets in. I tell her my first name and ask her where to. She is walking to work. Her daughter has her car, and she can't get a hold of her. The purple coat lady works at the mall. She needs to get there by 10:00. I am not one for time management clearly by a previous post, but I am thinking that she is a heck of a lot further away than the hour she has left to get there. She proceeds to thank me as the tears stream down her face. I say no problem then think weather or not I am going to get ambushed at the mall by some lunatic while also drawing on my compassion because it is way too cold to walk that far. We ride in complete silence for the 20 minutes that it takes because the snow is pretty heavy with the morning traffic. I drop her off at work. All of my members are attached and I proceed to go home. Now here comes the balance of the illness. I am so tired all day I sleep.

On to Wednesday. Same deal with the illness, only no taking the boy to school he is at the 'rents house. I do not leave the house. I do not go to work. I do not like green eggs and ham. I stepped in to the office over the next two days for a total of 9 hours and that was that.

I did enjoy the opening ceremonies from the Olympics and watched quite a bit of it this weekend. I do enjoy watching those kids. Loved the ladies hockey not just because two of the girls are from my area, but I love hockey. Go team USA. Men's hockey begins Wednesday. Go team USA.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Snow is here!!!!

I suppose that is a sign of be careful of what you wish for. The snow is flying and has been for the past day and a half. The wind is a bit stronger that I like, but I won't complain too much. In reality this makes me happy, except for the fact that I did not wear boots today. What was I thinking or rather not thinking (obviously fashion not function).

I am not a typical go out and party gal. Reading between the lines it means I never go anywhere I am a home body. I did however make it to a small gig this weekend and saw a great band called The X's (see them at If they make it to your neck of the woods you have to see them. In my opinion it is money well spent. I would like to plan a road trip to see them again, but money and time are a factor. I listen to a WIDE range of music, and in my younger days I was a music junkie. Now....not so much.

I did watch the Super Bowl and the commercials. I was hoping that the Seahawks would have won, not for any reason other that they were the underdogs. Now, on to the half-time show. Growing up I was never able to understand the lyrics to a majority of the Rolling Stones songs. That is not a bad thing, it is just the way it was. Now that they are older and the censors got to them I could understand every word of Start me up. The song did not have the same meaning or the same vibe as if I did not understand all of the words. Very disappointing to me the listener. The Stones are a great band and the censors did them wrong.

I will now bid thee a fond farewell and hope that I remember the boots tomorrow.

Friday, February 03, 2006

A day with out rain.........

I would love the winter to be just that. Winter. I love the snow. I like the squeaky noise that the snow makes when it seems like it can't get any colder. I like the white (sometimes yellow) snow on the ground. I love snow pants, hats, mittens, coats, and screaming kids having the time of their lives on a sled. I love snowball fights and yes I love shoveling snow. Some may call it a mental illness. For those of us in parts of the Northeast, there has not been too many snow filled days here, and frankly I miss it. In my mind I see the snow as far as the eye can see and the wind blowing ever so lightly that there is a hint of mist in the air. When I was a kid (yup, quite a long time ago) there was so much snow. It lasted for weeks upon weeks that it made you really appreciate the spring. In all the black & whites the snow was literally 10 feet high. Then again I was about 3 feet high so who knows how high it really was, anyways I loved those days and I miss them. I want my son to experience the snow freshly fallen on the ground while he has a chance to enjoy it.

It ought to be snow filled days and the lakes ought to be frozen over. I know there still is time for that, and I hope that the season is not lost to the rain. After all my pansies are starting to bud.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Being four years old
I just realized that the world of a 4 year old can come crashing down if a nap is too long. I have the most precious son (don't all parents), who typically will not take a nap, but depending on the situation he will take a snoozer. It just so happened that the end of this snoozer was in competition with his skating lesson. So the art of "Hurry up, get your coat on, and get out the door" just makes matters worse for all. So tell me there anything wrong with being late? I mean come on people get a grip. A child who is 4 is not perfect. Hello.... look at me.
Anyways.....This rush rush attitude sent him flying in to a tizzy (is that a real word?) End result no lesson and sad kid. So lets all take a deep breath and tell ourselves that being late is OK. It is not the end of the world to a 4 year old.

Some good news. Polio has been eradicated in Egypt and Niger. That makes me happy!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The dawn of a new day. Or something like that. There will never be anything too deep here, I am simple folk who loves my family, and friends. I will try to keep an interesting story going here on a random basis so as not to commit myself to anything. Most stories will be about my family and situations that happen. Most are funny some are shocking.
Here are my current issues.

My hubby & son want a dog-----Ummmm I think not!
children's valentine's have too much adult innuendo ---- Sorry spiderman
I know very little computer etiquette-----Sorry everyone else

That said, more to come......