Friday, June 30, 2006


I have these things called standing appointments. On certain days of certain months I am scheduled to be places to get things done. Well, yesterday I had my standing appointment with my hairdresser to get my frizzy mop head under control.
I show up at 5:00pm right on the smacker. I say to the front desk "I am here to see Julie for a 5:00 appointment". The gal looks in the computer and says "Oh don't you mean 5:15". I politely say "no I have a 5:00. I come right from work". She said that Julie was out for a minute and will be right back. Ok so there was a slight lag. I am ok. I wait. Now my appointments are not a quickie cut, style & go. Nooooo I am much too freakish for that. I have to have the color, caramalizing and highlight. A hair dressers dream. Right? Not with my nightmare hair. Ok, back to the salon. Julie walks in and says Hi in a way that implies that she is puzzled to see me. She says " Are you here for a cut?" I was like aahh no. I am here for my 8 week color. She says ok, and proceeds to go to the counter. Comes back and says there has been a mistake. I clear my throat and say ummm a mistake? She senses my bit of edginess, and says yes you see my booking column is next to Changs and you were booked with Chang. I start to melt in to a mode of what the f$#& and clearly did not hear a word of what she said other than blah blah booked blah blah Chang blah blah OK? Shaking my self back to reality I, like that kid in 10th grade who was sleeping in American History when the teacher called him to answer a question.... goes What? So she repeated herself in the condensed version with a lot of sincerity. I am booked. Chang can do your hair, or we can reschedule. Ok Reschedule is not an option. I am too anal. Chang? Is she any good. Reassured that she is a master stylist I think well gosh. I can't walk out. I have a 2 hour slot and she would loose money. It is not Changs fault. It's not Julies fault. So I say OK. That was my BIGGEST MISTAKE!
It is now 5:30 and we are 1/2 hour behind schedule. She looks at my hair and says what'chu want to do? I say the same as last time. She said OK. So she mixes her stuff and gets going. Note to any hair dressers: DO NOT WEAR CHARM BRACELETS WHEN YOU CUT HAIR. As lovely and sentimental as they may be to you they are annoying to me (and it's all about me) the customer sitting in your chair with my ear next to it for 2 hours! Sorry.... I'll keep going. She does her thing and proceeds to carry on about the inept receptionist and asking how I want it styled. I say just a trim. So now the coloring is done and I am in the sink getting caramalized (which is not a yummy as it sounds) and her next appointment is in. The next girl is 1/2 hour early she is a new mom out with out child looking to relax in the salon. My thought..... been there done that I understand. Not Chang she is in a hurry so that darn bracelet is clanging faster in my ear and she is rinsing my hair as if there is a prize for being the fastest and the hardest on my skull. OUCH! I get to the chair and here it comes the scissors and the bracelet. Cling clang cling clang. I am thinking that this will never end. I am in hair hell. What have I done to deserve this? Then I hear the hair dryer. All the noise is getting louder because in the world of Chang's hair dressing you con not have anything louder than her charm bracelet. My eyes are closed and my brain is doing an internal scream AAARRRRHHHH! Then.... it is quiet. She says "I done. Open your eye" I pause for a minute. Open my eyes and take a deep breath in. Umm Ok Not excited, but it is done I am all set. I walk out to the desk to find the part-time asshat that screwed up my appointment in the first place just arriving for her shift. She gets the billing sheet and I was given some free shampoo and conditioner. Thanks a lot (can you hear the scarcasim) She rings me up I noticed that once again she screwed up. She did not bill me for the caramalizing that is $50. You see their bill sheets have 2 sides and she missed one side. I say OK pay my bill and schedule my next appointment. Before I leave I say I am with Julie next time right? She says yes. Then muttering something again about the columns being next to each other. I became the Devil in Parada when I said I don't care about the columns I care that I am with Julie. She just said yes.
So this morning I get up shower and go to work with slightly damp hair. After all it is Friday and 1/2 the office will be out. Since my hair is dark to begin with, when it is wet is traditionally dark. Well I went to the ladies room and by chance took a look in the mirror before going to the ladies sanctuary, and came to a complete halt. My hair was about 10 shades darker than normal and the highlights were more of a tiger color than caramel. SHIT. I AM STILL IN HAIR HELL.
What have I done to deserve this? I eat my vegetables, I go to bed on time, Am I being punished for not telling the girl she forgot to charge me. Well with hair like this who would pay for it? So here I sit a week behind in my work with horrible hair.

p.s. who is the idiot that came up with the industrial strength glue for the snack pack puddings. I took one of Buds for lunch today, and I could not open it without using a knife. How is my child supposed to open that?

I think I need to go to bed and start all over.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Blessing #1
The weather last week for the golf tournament was absolutely beautiful. This week it it has been raining non stop. Severe flooding all over the place. I am really so thankful for the great weather last week. and the great tan I have from all of that sunshine.
Blessing #2
Yesterday Bud stayed at Mama & Papa's house. When I went to pick him up he said that he was a good boy. I asked him what he did that made him a good boy. Beaming with pride he said "I shared Bear Bear with Lauren Marie." That is unheard of. Bear bear is this teddy bear head that sewn in the middle to a 48" square blue blanket. He has had it since he was born and is very attached to it. Twice he left it at pre-school and the world almost came to an end, an until yesterday it would take an act of congress to let another child look at it let alone share it.
I was so happy with this that I praised him upside down, inside out, and backwards. Did I go overboard? you betcha'. I even let him stay up later than the norm, to show what a great thing sharing YOUR special something means. Since he will forever be an only child I am guessing that the sharing thing really needs to be pushed in my house. I have a fear of OCS (Only Child Syndrome).

Another note:
I am almost done reading The Davinci Code. Not quite sure what to think. So I am looking for another book to read. I tend to read pretty quickly as the TV doesn't really hold my attention over the summer. Well except for big Brother 7 and that has not started yet.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

the goings and comings....

My boss is leaving
A co-worker is going on leave
A friends uncle passed :-(
Star Jones leaving The View (nahh not too sad about that, I don't even watch the show)
Charlie Gibson left Good Morning America ( I do watch that)
My mind

Babies, they are popping up all over the place (3 have made their arrival and 4 more to come)
Graduation for Mr. David
Many 4th of July parties
Christmas (only 6 months away) $$$$
Birthdays for Snarky & La Dolce Vita
Haircut (that should probably be a going)
Big Brother 7

I just can't figure out how to keep everything on track. My calendar is so full that I need another month to get it all straight.

It's Wednesday and I have so much work to do to catch up on from vacation, and my boss wants to close the month this Friday before he leaves the company next Friday.

Need I say more??????

Monday, June 26, 2006

Honey, I'm home.
Did you miss me?

I feel so out of the loop. I have not been in contact with the world in a whole week. I have been getting up before the sun and getting in the door just as it was going down. I really could use a vacation to re-coup from my vacation. In all honesty all of the time I have given to the LPGA is to benefit the disabled children of Camp Haccamo. Such a worth while cause that I will not complain anymore.
It was a beautiful week. The sun was shining and I have mass amounts of sunburn. I put on the sunscreen, but it did not ward off the sun from my exposed limbs.
My mother in law (who watched Bud) is a great person, but.....she spends way too much money on my son! She was the baby sitter for the week and everyday she went shopping with Bud and everyday she bought him mass amounts of something. Here is the list in no paticular order. Cars cereal, apple cereal bars, trix yogurt, squirt gun (6-pack), large squirt gun, Power Panger sneakers, 2 Happy meals, lunch at target, lacrosse sticks, superman movie, they went to see the movie Cars, football pasta, and that is what I know about. She does give him things that we do not know about, and we find some other time. Now Let me remind you that we are not poor people, we do have food in our house for everyone, and she chooses not to eat it. I know that it is food she likes, but she likes to go out. We do leave her money to do things so we are not ungreatful thugs, but Jeesh. She spolied the heck out of him. She on the other hand does not have all that much money to shop. I am not complaining, Bud and grandma had a great 5 days and we told her after the first day that she was grounded from spending money on Bud. Do you think she listened? No way. So what is a mommyrox to do?
We say thank you and Bud will do something special for her. What, it is we do not know.
.....and how was your week?

Friday, June 16, 2006

I am on Vacation.
I will be at the golf course each and every day bustin' my ass for the LPGA, but enjoyin' every minute of it because I will not be at work.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Are people really crazy, is it that silly ear thingie, or do you need to get a new device?

I work in an office of about 35 people. There are an additional 20 that work outside of this office. So we have officially hit the small to mid-size office. Anyways, where I am going with this is that this office has been moving along with the communications technology swing. I think that we are still a bit behind the times, but that is neither here nor there. It seems that everyone in this company with a corporate cell phone has these thingies attached to their ear. It is not those little ear buds that are discrete. NOOOOOOO it is this big bug like device that is wireless that attaches to your ear and lets you walk and talk with ease while looking like a bat is ready to eat your head. One of the guys that sits next to us at the hockey games has one of those. Oh yeah where I was going, is that people think that it is ok to YELL IN THESE THINGS SO THAT THE ENTIRE WORLD CAN HEAR YOUR HALF OF THE CONVERSATION no matter where you are. You know THOSE people. The ones that yell in to their cell phone while you are trying to have a peaceful meal at a restaurant. Well, they now have these crazy ear thingies. I already pinpointed these folks with the earbuds to be the crazy walking and talking to nobody, while eating, drinking to themselves people. Well now they feel the need to yell with these new ear thingies too.
Now my version of common sense says if you think that you can not be heard then... get a new device. If you can not hear the other person then ... get a new device. How hard of a concept is this? There are people in my office that are walking around talking to the space around them. It is most annoying when they walk by cubie space, in addition to being loud and annoying, the cubie people think that the talking ear bug person is talking to them. It causes disruption and distraction. Now a majority of these ear people have offices. Why do they have offices? So that they can have conversations in private with out being annoying. Well they have officially crossed in to annoying by walking in to my space with the bug like device hanging on to their ear. Are you talking to me or to the person on the phone? (that my friend is another topic for another day)
My solution. If you do not think that your voice will carry up to your ear to transmit your half of the conversation go find a land line to continue your conversation or...(let's all say it together) get a new device.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Backfire! Busted!

In going with the whole manners thing I try to remind James of his manners. For instance if I sneeze I expect him to say "bless you". If he forgets I say loud enough for him to hear me "bless you mommy.... thank you mommy" Then he quickly says bless you. Well this morning as he was getting his shoes on for school and he sneezes, and I heard it from the top of the stairs (he was at the bottom) and he did not hear me say bless you so he says very loudly "BLESS YOU BUD.....THANK YOU BUD" Yikes! I got caught in my own trap. I am slowly realizing these things now. So I quickly say bless you and he says that's ok I blessed myself. Jeesh I think I am creating a monster.
The hardest thing is that his memory is better than mine. That really bugs me and it is not an old age thing. It is a side effect of the years of medication I was on. But nonetheless, I will no longer forget to say bless you.
And here is one "Bless you" incase you needed it while reading this.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Some things are just so darn cute.......
such as........
  • 15 five year old children dancing in a recital(my niece especially). Not really remembering the words or the motions, but doing the best they can.
  • Little boys in pink polo shirts.
  • My other niece who is just 2 saying my name and when I look at her she smiles as big as she can.
  • A teen age boy in my neighborhood walking a little foofie dog.

I do not have a lot of cuteness in my world. I am in a house will all males right down to miss kitty (that is another story). So I soak up all of the cuteness that I can. Being cute in my house is not the norm. I guess that when you turn 4 cute is not cool.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Here comes the sun...doo de doo doo Here comes the sun, and I say it's all right.....

No not another song that my precious child has picked up. It is the thoughts I am trying to channel for this weekend. I was informed that it may get to a chilly 40 degrees and rain this weekend which is a major bummer for my tomato plants that are just barely cracking the ground. That and I do not want to be cooped up inside all weekend watching reruns of lord only knows what on TV. Currently it is raining and thundering. YUCK! On another note I do have a dance recital to go to for my niece on Sunday, but that is it.
I do want to mention that Bud has learned some of the lyrics to the Beastie Boys fight for your right to party. I was amused when I heard that come from him. I almost wanted to tell him not to sing that as it really is not age appropriate, but what is it gonna hurt? He is not using profanity or anything like that so I let it go.

I have to get my season hockey tickets today! Woo Hoo can we say opening day in 4 months.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Life with out bear bear.

Did you have an animal or a blankie when you were a kid? I had a pooh bear that to this day looks like it should be 100 years old. Bud has a bear that in reality is a small teddy bear head sewn on to a blanket. It is not very big, but it is his. It has been to more places than I care to mention. Well bear bear (yes, he does go by a double name) was left as pre-school and the world came to an abrupt halt. No other animal in the kingdom of his room would do. Not mickey, popsicle, funky ugly green monkey, or teddy. So it made me really sad to hear him cry himself to sleep. I do not believe that I had an attachment like that when I was a kid. Who knows.....anyways, he was what appeared to me to be depressed about this. I felt horrible. When I went to pick up bear bear at preschool yesterday morning I knew that I would not get home from work until after he went to bed. He woke up kind of groggy this morning and did not have any motivation. I did put bear bear in his bed when I came home, but still I think that he was sad. Life is better after a few minutes bear bear time, but I think we need to work on the separation issues with him and bear bear. The older he gets the worse this becomes. This was not the first instance of leaving him behind. I just think it was the worst.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Don't go breakin' my..don't go breakin' my ...don't go breakin' my heart.

Do you remember that song.? I think it was really big in the 70's or early 80's. Elton John sang it with some other artist that I can not recall. Well imaging my surprise when Bud is singing this in the back seat as we are driving to school. I was amused and actually pleased that he had the correct tone and tempo, as I am completely tone deaf and can't carry a tune even if it were in a bucket with handles. Another one in his repetoire is the lime in the coconut song. I really do like to listen to him sing, and tell made up stories. Last night I was not feeling so great and usually I tell Bud a story where he makes up the names and we ad-lib it. Well he really wanted a story and my head was pounding. I said that I really could not tell him the story. He said Ok I will tell you a story. I loved it. He talked about a girl who liked to play hockey and had many friends that played with her in the neighborhood. It was so neat to listen to his little voice carry on and come up with the story. Start to finish. I suppose this is an instance of take in as many of these days as possible before they are gone.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Where in the h-e double hockey sticks does the time go.

Every once in a while two really great people get together with me and we just hang out. Talk about life as if we see each other every day and we really only see each other every 5-6 months or so. We cover things like dirty percy (thomas the tank), honkey tonk ba donk a donk ....ohh we shut my mouth ...slap your grandma(odd country music lyrics) and great acoustics in the Tim Horton's bathrooms. Now to the regular person I may seem crazy, but really I am ok. That's what the voices in my head keep telling me. At one point in my life I had the pleasure to work with them. Now we are so close and so far away that if it were not for email and blogs we loose touch. Now there are a few others with out getting too personal in my life that are like that and ribail you know who you are. Anyways, we drank a boat load of coffee and ate some really good food. We also took a very chilly visit to Sonnenberg gardens. Had it not been for the company it would have been just an ok building with a lot of greenery. As La Dolce Vita pointed out "look at that tree" They were all green and quite lovely. I am sure it will be BEAUTIFUL in July when the flowers are all full. Note to self.... go back in July or August.....
Anyways, A note to my budettes "how awesome it is to see you and I can't wait till the next time" We travel to snarkies house next!