Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I got a job!

I was starting to worry. It had been two months with mo job. The one I have is a direct hire through a recruiter. I am so excited!I am doing my happy dance and I start on Tuesday!
One I digest it all I will give more details!

enjoy life!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pilgrim Day and Bikini's

Yesterday was Pilgrim Day at school and there were a bunch of moms there. One of the mom's there had on the same shirt as I did and my young Bud was quick to point that out. Mommy you and Mrs. P have the same shirt on. Mrs. P and I laughed and agreed. Then little girl A said You have the same pants on too. Mrs. P & I both agree again. Then my Bud says Mommy you and Mrs. P have the same size Bikini's.
Mrs. P says what? James points to our chests and again says "you have the same size Bikinis."
All of the adults chuckle and Mrs. P and & snicker.

With that Happy Thanksgiving. . Be thankful for the little things.

enjoy life!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ready set go!

I don't want you to die mommy.
Once again a sleepless night thanks to Mr. Magorium.
Once again if you have children under 10 not a movie for them.

Thanksgiving is almost ready.
Windows cleaned, today I take the dishes out and make sure that there are enough. That and go to pilgrim pride day at school for Bud's classroom. YEAH!
Oh yeah I have been so busy I forgot that I am going to NYC next weekend. This is my yearly trip with my mom and my great aunt. Woo Hoo!
Bud's coach asked him to be the goalie for the first game and of course I am going to miss it. I know he will do well!!!
So much to do so little time. I feel in control though!
enjoy life!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

The countdown and Mr. Magorium

There is just so much to freakin' do and I have a pretty good head start, but by no means does that mean I will not freak out. I have the turkeys defrosting. Yes that is right I have 2 turkeys this year. The veggies are all bought (except for the celery and onions). The big table is up and the table cloth is out and fits the big table (thank goodness)! I have scoured my bathroom and cleaned all of the sconces and pictures in my house.
There are no major decisions to make except for what store am I going to go to first for Black Friday. Can you believe that? I am not impressed with any ads because there is nothing in them that I need. What I need to buy is not on sale!
I gotta tell you I took Bud to see Mr. Magoriums wonder emporium. I do not have discretionary dollars to spend freely, but I promised Bud we would go. It was awful!!! The premise is that Mr. Magorium is going to die! It is announced in the beginning that he is going to die for no reason. He was perfectly healthy at 243 years old (looking like any grandpa) and since his shoes are wearing out he is going to "just" die. Leaving the toy store to a friend to run. WTF people. Children are seeing this movie and you bring up death? It is rated G I believe. Again, I took Bud and he had nightmares that "mommy is going to just die". I said Mommy is not going to die today. I can not predict the future, but I am not going to lie either. He is terribly upset. I have come to realize that my son is sort of a sensitive child. He will still act impulsively, but he feels bad if he hurts you or if you are hurt. So I am a bit mad. This was previewed as wonderful toy store movie for children. It is about death. It is awful for children. Shame on you Disney. Now that I have given my view point.

enjoy life!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holy Crap Batman I feel like crap

As I mentioned before, we went on this wonderful trip to Florida and now that it has been almost three weeks since our return I am FINALLY feeling better. I have been so sick that just walking up and down stairs took my breath away. I had to go on job interviews and force myself well to just get through a couple of hours. I went to the Dr. and he put me on massive meds and it wiped me out to just combat the infection. Now I am feeling better. Just in time for the Thanksgiving feast! I have bought almost everything and I am ready to go. The only thing left are the fresh veggies. Once again I have more desserts than people. So be it.

On the job front, I went on this one interview that was 6 hours long almost two weeks ago. I was very excited about, not so much the commute, but the job itself. The HR guy calls me once every five days to make sure I am not loosing interest. They are just so busy that they have not had a chance to get everyone together to meet about what was said. He has told me that the feedback he has received has been really good. I keep applying to other jobs, but I have had no response. Did I mention that my recruiter left the company. She got an accounting job. Go F&*king figure. She was supposed to be working for me. Not that I am surprised. I am still pissed. There are going to be better things I am sure of it. I am on to the power of positive thinking.

enjoy life!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Senior Citizen's day

Today it the celebration of seniors in the local school, and I was lucky enough to go and watch my son perform a chorus concert at the school.

Yup, he is the one in the middle with the tie on. He said he HAD to wear a shirt and tie for a concert. I am so proud of his judgement! He is wearing sneakers, because you know he can't be seen in church shoes on the bus. I almost fell over on that one, but nonetheless that's my Bud. My dad even came with my niece and she was a good girl. She is 3 and it took a lot for her to be there and behave.

Well that's all for today.

enjoy life!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh Happy day

In reviewing the DOL page I have finally been processed for my unpaid waiting week which I was due on 10/14. Glad to see that I am only three weeks off.
On a happier note.....
I had a phone interview and it went well. They want to see me in person. Could be scary. I do clean up nicely if I might say so myself. Since I have already wowed them with my wit, I must wow them with my wardrobe. And shake this horrible cough that sounds like croup.
Anyways, still hoping. Must find Job.
I am tired of web searching, It has given me an opportunity to see how my "friends" in blog world are doing. Many are still clicking away. Not like I expected them to stop, I just was busy.
Once again it has been decided I will hold the feast of food on turkey day. This is a good thing I believe. I will cook for 12 people. 5 are children under 6. Still, I will do it no matter how much I claim to hate it. I think I love it. I just need a bigger house for this kind of thing. Just found out that one of the in laws has been separated from his wife for two months and that his wife filed for divorce. YIKES! We must have been living in a box or something, because we did not know. Better yet we mind our own business.

enjoy life!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

PC on Halloween

The school district that my child goes to is very PC this year. They had an Autumn parade. This is where the kids are sent home with a paper bag and they have to create their own costume. The operative word is THEY. My son wanted to be Derek Jeter. So he colored the stripes of a Yankee uniform on his bag himself. If was great. There were other kids whose parents did all of the work. I felt sorry for those kids. they were supposed to do it themselves. Bud was proud of his costume.

Now the costume that he wore to trick-o-treat was one he really wanted.

I know a bit big, but he loved it.
Enjoy life!