Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring project Bathroom 101

I have put my foot down and I am finally going to get the paint to do my bathroom. you see I have this really crappy pink and purple bathroom. I mean puke pink and lilac purple with a black floor. I have had it for almost 6 years and now I am finally well enough to do something about it so this week I am going to start scouting paint. I will take my shower curtain everywhere I go

I am going to change it around a bit and get a new vanity and paint the bathroom gray a nice dove gray and I just may get new flooring. If I do it will be a cream color, but I have not decided yet. I am going to do this myself and I am going to do my best to make it right. Again not an ounce of craftiness, but I will be posting the before, during and after picts.

So the hunt will be on for the perfect grey paint.

enjoy life

Friday, April 27, 2007

Funky Shoe Friday Kids Edition

All I am going to say is that my son has seen these on TV and all I can say is WHY? His answer was I am glad I am a boy mommy.
so am I am I
enjoy life!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Who me? Cook? You're kidding right?

OK so I am not a fan of cooking, but I did this. It was "culture day" at bud's Pre K and I had to do something, but what? The hubs is Polish and I am Mohawk Indian. I could recite to you a laundry list of jokes, but I will spare you. So what is one to make after all these two cultures have NOTHING in common. Did I mention that I do not cook? No well let me tell you I do not cook, so if it involved anything hard forget it. There was also the drama of what dish do I choose? How do I choose one culture over the other? The easy Indian dish of Chicken and Dumplings was the no brainer, and a Polish Pie is a house hold favorite. Again how do I choose? I do not. I made both.
The pie I made in a lo cal version and was very good. A bit under cooked, but good. The dumplings were awesome. Almost as good as my aunts on the reservation. I did it! I cooked.

I enjoyed the cooking, but need to figure how to make less of a mess. That part REALLY sucked.

enjoy life

Monday, April 23, 2007

Noah - I heart you!

I had a dream about a great doggie that a co-worker has named Noah. I never have dreams like that, but it made me tell her earlier this morning that I had this great dream of Noah. Such a cute dog!
Let me take a minute and back up here....
Noah is this cute little adorable Italian Greyhound. I believe that he was a rescued dog, but that is not the point, he was being raised by this really fascinating woman and her husband, again not really the point. Anyways, she adopts doggies of this particular breed, and loves the heck out of them. So, I tell her about this dream, and with a somewhat fallen face she tells me that today specifically this afternoon Noah is going to doggie heaven. Now I really like all of her doggies, but I really loved Noah!
When I first started at my current place of employment she would bring in the dogs and they would stay in her office. At lunch they would go out and run and come in to the office and look for snacks. I would keep some special ones in my desk for them. Noah was the first to warm up to me, and he was the one that did not look like the others. That is why, to me he was so special.
Well will be with Max in doggie heaven and I realize that I had that dream for a reason.

Noah.... I heart you!

enjoy life

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Whew! glad that's over!

What a week. I left work on Monday at about 1:30 to go home an party with "Ralph". That lasted about 12 hours straight. It was very unpleasant. Poor Bud is climbing on the bed saying "mommy you want water?" "It will keep you Hymated" Her apparently was trying to recall hydrated, anyways anything going in was not staying so I gave him a thanks, but no thanks. I stayed home Tuesday are recuperated. Back to myself today THANK GOD! Since yesterday felt like I was having a hangover. It did help the detox of artificial ingredients bit though. Yeah! I am on day 4 so far so good. I have been eating apples, oranges, celery & carrots; however bananas are not allowed or watermelon. Those are two of my favorites. I am feeling better too. It may just be the spring like weather too. We'll have to see.
So that is really all. 5 days left. I can do it.

enjoy life.

Monday, April 16, 2007


This weekend was such a blur. We drove to Buffalo for Bud's hockey tournament. It was a blast. tiring, but a blast. We left our house at 7:30 to get to my parents house. They insisted on going to the tournament. We got to buffalo at 9:47. Buds first game was at 10:30. They got creamed by a tournament team. I found out that a tournament team is one that is picked specifically for playing on the road in tournaments. They were really good and honestly did not belong in this tournament. So, as I mentioned we got creamed 6-1. The next game was at 2:30. We went to the hotel and checked in, had a "rest" then went to the next game.
This one they won 7-0. Bud's team mates were really bummed out that they lost the first game and they really stepped it up and played their little hearts out. They did so well. We went back to the hotel and he went swimming. had a pizza party and swimming some more. It was a blast!
The final game was the next day at 1:00 and by then all of the kids were tired and ended up with a tie that game5-5. So end result a series of 1-1-1.
What a learning experience for me, and Bud was happy to be home. " We are not going to Buffalo again are we?" No Bud, I think you have had enough.

Now Day 1 on the detox. So far a monster headache, but I have to go to the store to get some veggies. So buh bye

enjoy life

Friday, April 13, 2007

Fun Shoe Friday: The Water Shoe

I love shoes. I have more that the average person should. Honestly I do! So in honor of my love of shoes I am going to start a new post for Fridays called Fun Shoe Friday.
I would buy these. Not sure where I would wear them since I do not camp and do not hike. But just to have.
enjoy life!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Now the mens turn

I thought about this and decided that I needed to address the other side of hideous formal wear. Should my son ever go and pick up a date for a prom and think that this is an acceptable substitution for a tux I would surely hope that his date would look at him and tell him the loser convention is next week and to go home. Now I may have to come back and kick her arse for insulting my Bud, but that is a whole 'notha issue!
'nuf said.

enjoy life!

Hold up here

I was just visiting another blogger, and low and behold there is a website for prom dresses. I was expecting to see something cute or fun, but NOOOOOO!!!!!!

I saw this.
Should Bud ever bring any girl dressed like this in to my house on prom night the hubs would probably give him a pack of condom's. Me, I would give her a sweater and tell her about the the woman's movement. Should she sass me I would give her a woman's movement.
I do not typically comment about other sites on mine with the exception of LDV or Snark, but this one takes the cake (cupcakes that is).
enjoy life.

Somethings gotta be done

It has been decided that the source of some of my unhappiness is from with in. I am not happy with the path that I have been going on. So, here I go. I am going to try something new. I am going to "detox" myself. Out with the bad in with the good. I may post progress, but it may be more of a whine session. Effective April 16th I will begin.
The reason for this is last night while I was reading a book to Bud we got to a part that he thought was so funny. He just started laughing and laughing his little boy laugh that I started laughing and it was good. The hubs started laughing too. We were all laughing so hard we were crying. If felt good to just laugh that uncontrollable laugh. Until..... I started coughing from laughing so hard.
So now I begin the "detox" that needed to begin a long time ago. If I blog it I may stay true to it, where if I don't I can cheat it.

enjoy life!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Stranger Talkers are you one?

Stranger talking.
This is a habit I do occasionally. If a stranger happens to walk by and comment about something in the store that I happen to be in, I will reply. Sometimes it ends up being a short sweet conversation, other times it could be a complete conversation talking about our kids and schools and whatever. Well last night while shopping as the Easter Bunny at this great candy store called Sweet Expressions I was looking at all of the chocolate and candy goodness when a person walked behind me and made the comment that there was so much to choose from. I said yes, imagine having to do it for a child who does not like chocolate. She says to me Mommyrox! Oh my gosh! I looked up and shrieked in my best low voice "La Dolce Vita"! I have not seen La Dolce Vita in months! I was so happy to see her. Her hubs & kids are all well, and she has sold 3 houses. Yeah for her! We talked a bit more and realized that we are both Stranger Talkers. How odd that a habit I will not readily admit (now I have told the world) leads to a great moment. I think that we would have not seen each other in such a crowded store had we not done this.
With that..... Have a Happy Easter


Enjoy life!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Odds n' Ends

So one might wonder what I have been up to these past few days. Well there is so much to say, I do not know where to begin.

First, I am an amateur falcon watcher. No, I do not go and hunt for them, nor do I know what one looks like when flying, so I guess that makes me a tad less than amateur. Anyways, I have been watching Mariah & Kaver the two peregrine falcons that are living at the Kodak tower in downtown Rochester. There is a website hosted by Kodak that shows live time how they are.

It is really cool. I watched them last year and they had 4 chicks, this year there are only 3 eggs so far. No matter watching them is still pretty cool.

My cupboards are worse than Mother Hubbard's and I have a child. I have become a supervisor of my department at work. Surprise Surprise.

The Amerks are picking up the pace a bit and it looks like we are going to the playoffs. yeah. The equipment manager for the Toronto Marlie's gave Bud a hockey stick that belonged to one of the players. the shaft broke in the middle and this guy taped it up and gave it to him. how nice was that. Bud was so excited that he forgot his manners and did not say thank you. I told him that if he did not go and say thank you that he could not keep it. He ran so fast back to the guy to say thanks. hee hee hee

We are facing Easter again, I do not know if you recall last year, but if not let me refresh you. My family has had a long standing tradition of celebrating Easter on Saturday. Since my sister-in-law has family in from out of town she had my nieces birthday party on our Easter Saturday. it got ugly and very unpleasant. Anyways this year Bud has a hockey game on Saturday morning, and my niece is once again having her party on Saturday night. I have conceded this year to going to the party, and not having Easter with my family. Well my mom once again is being all secretive about Easter. She is having a big dinner on Sunday and has not said anything to me about it. I can not go, but she is covering up and telling half truths about it. I could very well boycott the birthday on Saturday, but I am not going to. I feel like I should. So I am annoyed again. Sometimes families suck!

That is all I care to address today.

enjoy life.