Wednesday, April 08, 2009


He shoots.... he scores!

6 minutes later... 2 minutes for slashing

Just keep swimming

So much going on. Had a ton of layoffs at work, but managed to keep my employment.
Hockey is over for the spring and now we can actually enjoy life. Buds team did win the league championship and 3 tournaments in March. We did not have a weekend off until March 27th. I am officially Hockyed out!

My tulips started to come up and then Kapow! snow! So much for my weekend cleaning the flower bed. My procrastination is paying off.

I am going to cook Easter dinner this weekend, and we are going to the Polish Market. Yeah! It is a long drive, but worth it.

My mother in law was diagnosed with Breast cancer last month, and so far it is not been a good road. If you are a praying kind we would appreciate prayers for her. It was determined that it is the "aggressive" type and it needs to be monitored weekly. That is draining emotionally and financially. Radiation starts next week and it will be everyday for 5 weeks. At $40.00 per visit we are going to help pay for her visits. She works in a factory and the health coverage sucks. That and the cost of just plain living is too high for a single woman in NYS.

All that aside life goes on and I will love every moment I get.

Enjoy life!