Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Crime & Punishment

With the craziness of the Memorial Day parade and all of the candy that flowed, we have a dish in the kitchen. Now, Bud has never been a candy kid, but he does like the gum. The deal was good day at school and he can have gum. Conversation goes like this:

Bud: Mommy can I have gum? (walking over to dish)
Me: Did you have a good day at school
Bud: Un-huh (picking up gum)
Me: Is that a yes?
Bud: yes, mommy
Me: OK (gum in mouth)

that part took place in 2 seconds flat, then out came the voice of truth.

Daddy: Bud what kinda day did you have?
Bud: (chomping on gum) One and a half thumbs up
Me: Did you tell a fib?
Bud: Un-huh (shaking his head up and down)
Me: Spit that gum out NOW!
Bud: Nooooo Mommy pleeeeassssse
Me: NOW!
The gum rolls off the tongue and on to the floor. Plunk. A big bright pink piece of Double bubble on the kitchen floor sitting there.
Me: Put that in the garbage.
Bud: (Stomping to the garbage) You're the meanest mommy in the whole wide world.
Me: (thinking to self yes, I am)

That part took what felt like forever. We are now in new territory and I think I need to read up on punishment fitting of the crime. I was ready to keep him home from hockey and the hubs interjected saying no. Too harsh. I guess this is just the beginning!

enjoy life!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a new brand of super hero

This past weekend was kinda busy. The hubs had to work his standard weekend shift, and I had to work a ball game Saturday night, but on Monday we managed to get tons of work done around the house. It felt good. The down side is that I managed to fracture a bone on my hand near the thumb where there is nothing that can be done for it. Bud fell in the garage when I was in the kitchen and as he was screaming at the top of his lungs like he had cracked open his skull I smacked my hand on the rail. Hard enough that it is swollen and not broken, but fractured.
On Monday we went to the local Memorial Day Parade. Bud loves the parades. We were sitting reading a Superman book as we waited and then he heard the music and looked up and here come the veterans in the front. Bud removes his hat and puts his hand on his heart and just as I looked down with a bit of a smile on my face at his respect for the flag and those who fought for our country, his small voice says "they are like superman because they protect us huh?" I shh him and say "yes", then that same voice screams out as loud as possible, "Look Mommy, a new brand of superhero." GULP! That is my child. People are glaring at me and a 5 year olds vision is... just that...... Untainted and pure. Taking things in literally.
I picked him up and said that they can be his superhero if needed. He matter of factly said they protect us so they are superheros. He hit that nail on the head.
Then later that afternoon while I was trying to coerce a tree out of the ground I was not prepared for my own strength, and I literally toppled over and down a hill on the side yard and took out my shoulder. It has since been put back, but hurts like no bodies business. Hence there is a reason why I do not do yard work. I did get a nice tan though.
With that I got nothing else.

enjoy life!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Fun Shoe Friday (Wedding edition)

Love is in the air.
The invitations are being printed and heading for the mail.
So of course the next question is what kind of shoes is the bride going to be wearing?
Are the comfortable?
Are they pretty?
Will they make her hover over her groom? or better yet is she gonna trip?
We all know we would hate to see that happen; however should it happen and we see any of the shoes listed here just realize that the bride probably had only one choice in all of the hoopla and it was the shoes......and they were probably chosen out of spite.
enjoy life!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh no you did not

I was on the website of the regional city newspaper the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. They had a section called Prom 2007. You may recall a previous post from April 11 regarding prom dresses. Well folks I have seen it. There is a girl in Greece, NY who has actually bought a dress and wore it to a prom as seen here. This was posted on the D&C web site and I just HAD to point out that people do buy these and apparently based on their own will, go out in public.
One word. Sweater!
enjoy life!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

School. We're ready are you?

So the hubs & I go to the meeting for Kindergarten. We learned that many parents do not listen to instruction. The first item was out of respect for all parents, please turn phones on vibrate. This did not happen. Then they addressed questions on transportation, curriculum, food service. All of the above are important however, I did not question the safety of a school bus or the driver. I had faith that the school district would take care of my child on the bus. I questioned the hubs and said am I wrong for not being worried about that? He said no, he believed that Bud would be ok on the bus too. We live less than 5 miles from the school and his after school program is less than a mile from the school. So to us a non-issue.
They will have art, gym, library time and music. Yeah! That and pizza day is Thursday.
At the conclusion they opened up the room for questions. All which were addressed in the initial information spiel. So we are ready. Yes siree we are ready! Bud will be ready and even though there are parents who do not listen, there is hope for their kids right?????
oh yes, one last note. On the questionnaire there was a space for parents to put a list of kids that you do NOT want in your child's class. Let's get real parents! It is not about you, it is about your kids.
non school related let you know how awful I am.... I sent Bud to his hockey game without his hockey stick last night oops.... so I am as flawed as the next, but it is ok.

enjoy life

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Learning to learn K style

....not to be confused with the royal dofus K-fed.........
Tonight I have to go to an auditorium and learn how to be a parent of a Kindergartner. The letter that we received on Friday last week was dated last Wednesday. Clearly timing is not important, but making sure parents go to Learning to parent a Kindergartner is. It was indicated in the letter that parents or guardians make an "honest" effort to be there. What is a dishonest effort? We are in the process of teaching honesty and responsibility. I am sure that there are parents who have been through this, and they may not be there, but really. If I do not go am I dishonest? am I a bad parent? do I get black listed from the PTA before I sign up. What If I have to work, do I need a note from my employer?
Regardless, I am going to be there and I will listen. I will learn how to be a good Kindergarten parent.

enjoy life!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Bike Rodeo and Birthday

This weekend was kind of busy.
Bud had a Bike Rodeo sponsored by the police department and a birthday party for a former hockey team mate.

Saturday at the bike rodeo I was selling hots and hammies to the participants in the rodeo to raise money for CODA (Children's Organ Donor Association) and Bud was participating in the rodeo. Since there were over 100 kids registered it was going to be a nice afternoon. NOT! Just after the safety demonstration when the kids were told to get their bikes a teary face comes up to me in the food booth "Mommy... sniff sniff my bike is missing". I look around and I see a child on my sons bike. So I say to Bud "Stay here, mommy sees your bike" I walk up to the parent and say "I think your child grabbed my child's bike by accident" said parent says disgusted that I said something to her scowls at me and says "no, we have not put our bikes down" I incredulously say "...are you sure? my son has a bike like this with a broken reflector, no kick stand, no cap on the handle bar AND tears in the seat" She says no it is ours. Defeated I walk away. I go to Bud and tell him that that boys mommy said it was that boys bike.

I approach the police who are running this event and say someone has taken my sons bike and could he please look around. I also mentioned that the parent who I thought had Buds bike assured me it was hers. So as Bud is crying in the lawn because he can not participate in the rodeo, and I have to sell food. That is what I am there to do. There is nothing else that I can do for my child. That feeling is the suckiest feeling ever! I give my child a can of soda (he is not allowed to have soda) and tell him to watch.

Just as the rodeo was coming to an end another parent who heard all of the conversations I had comes up to me and says "that boy who you said had your bike is on another." I tell Bud to go and get his bike and bring it to me. I take a marker and write on it under the velcro flap his name. Completely disgusted that the parent lied to me about the bike and let my kid sit and cry missing the rodeo.

So later in the day Bud says to me "mommy that lady did not get in to trouble for fibbing, how come?" All I could say is "I am not her mommy". I wanted to say that stupid whore is not a good mommy and her mommy was not a good mommy if she does that. But I held back and said those are the people that end up in jail.

Now the birthday party was a blast Bud had a great time. He was the only preschooler there. The rest were kindergartners. He fit right in. September here we come.

p.s. mangled bike is from learning to ride with 2 wheels. That bike took a beating last fall.

enjoy life!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Fun Shoe friday

These have the ouch factor. I am not sure who would buy them, but they have been sold for the bargain price of $150.
enjoy life!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Once again things are in total upheaval. My boss is moving on to greener pastures just as we come to an understanding of what is going on. Meaning specifically, what roles we are going to play and the like. Now with the replacements coming it is time for a change and once again uncertainty.
I am very much appreciative of the job I have, and for the money I make (of course who would not want more). That being the case I believe in trust and right now I am not sure where that is.

enjoy life!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fixing makes it worse

As of today here is the new breakdown

6 in the morning
2 in the afternoon
6 in the evening

Once 7 days are up it will be

7 in the morning
2 in the afternoon
7 in the night

For the rest of my ever loving life. All this for the bargain price of feeling like shit and needing to sleep 16 hours on the weekends to recover.

enjoy life!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Not once but twice

Damn you popsicles!

Could I really be that stupid?

Apparently I can.

Not sure if I blogged about it or not, but here it is. One random Thursday night Bud & I sat down with the hubs and enjoyed a sugar-free popsicle for an after dinner snack. In the process of eating said popsicle it stuck to the top inner upper lip. Like an idiot I tried to pull it off and got the bottom inner lip stuck to it. rinse. lather repeat. I eventually got it off after two stuck sessions. Anyways with swollen lips for a few days and thalking like an idioth I finally healed with minor scaring on my pride. So what do I do a couple months later? You gussed it. I do again..... I have a different popsicle and this one is smaller and again my top inner lip froze to the popsicle, however the sensation of the lip adhering to the popsicle was familiar this time and I was able to pull my lip away before it really stuck. Still had minor tear age, but more of a nuisance like biting the inside of your mouth. Lesson here. No more popsicles for me.

enjoy life!

Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm hooked on a feeling

That feeling you may ask is the one of crap!
My throat hurts, my head is fuzzy and nothing feels good!
so there!

enjoy life!

Friday, May 11, 2007

You decide

I know the one picture is a bit fuzzy, but really they are similiar
enjoy life

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Winners: All of 'em

I happen to have a special fondness for the goalie.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Hubs!

Today the hubs is another year older, so I wish you a Happy Birthday!

enjoy life!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Fun Shoe Friday

The possibilities that this shoe has. I want 'em.
enjoy life

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Let the ugliness begin

Here you have my bathroom please try to refrain from the following:
  1. tossing your cookies on this lovely set up
  2. laughing at the mismatched spider man towel
  3. commenting on the general mess.

These were taken this morning after two showers and while getting ready for work.

I wanted to make sure that you could get the full appreciation of what a color disaster my bathroom is. Pinks, purples and the black floor.

So, this is before and as I mentioned the measurements to come with the weekly updates as to what I have actually done. It is not a big room, but we make it work.

Again the hubs thinks I am nuts and is mocking me. We will see who laughs last!

enjoy life

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bathroom 101 Update

I spent many minutes on the Behr website looking at color. I have found what I like on screen, but need to see it in person. I was looking at dolphin fin. A nice mild grey color and should go with my shower curtain. Next weekend I will hit the local home improvement stores and start pricing out what I need....errr want. I need to take measurements too. My husband thinks that I am crazy and that I am not going to do this. The plumbing part is going to be hard, but I will call my father in law. I will do everything else. I am getting giddy just thinking about it.
Pictures of the current awful bathroom to come tomorrow!

enjoy life!