Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Monday, October 30, 2006

Bye Bye Bear Bear!

Bud has informed me today that since he is almost 5 that he does not need Bear Bear any more. Bear Bear is his blankie bear similar to the picture. When I asked who said that he proudly exclaimed "I did!"

So Bear Bear thank you for the many nights of comfort to Bud and for the one night I drove 20 miles in the rain to deliver you to him at his sleep over so that he could sleep.

As the blood pools from the dagger that feels like it is piercing my heart I will bid you a fond farewell, and a whole hearted thank you.

Bud is growing up. (tears rolling down the cheek)

enjoy life


The craziness is over. Saturday was a blur. So much that I fell asleep watching Napoleon Dynamite Saturday at 9:30. I had to watch it again. It was freakin' hilarious. Hubs did not care for it. It is one of those when you watch it the first time you go.... huh? Then the second time you are laughing your ass off.
I did see Laura Bush and she is just lovely!
Cheetah Girls, well all I can say is 8,000 pre-teen girls screaming Cheetah*licious is a cruel form of punishment.
Bud is so excited for Halloween. I am going to take the afternoon off so that I can take Bud to his school Halloween party. He has already missed the trick-o-treat at school, and I do not want him to miss the party. Then we will go trick-o-treating after dinner. I am trying to decide if we are going to go to the senior center or to the neighborhood. I am sure that the seniors would appreciate him, but it is driving that I am deciding on. That would leave the hubs at home.

enjoy life

Friday, October 27, 2006

What a rip!

I love my Thursday night TV line up. I love Grey's Anatomy. When it says there is a double episode I am excited to see it, knowing that the first episode will be a re-run, but to be robbed out of the second episode is just wrong! Back to back episodes of re-runs. Come on people. Showing the season premier AND the second episode. It is a rip off to die hard GA watchers. Thanks ABC for ruining my Thursday night lineup. Jerkies!

On a crazier note:

Guess what I am doing this Saturday (all before 4:00pm)? Come on guess? Betch'a can't in a million years guess.

First, I am going to the public market. (I am pretty sure that you woulda guessed that)
Second, I am going to see The First Lady Laura Bush! Her hubby may be a dope, but SHE is different. (didn't see that comming did ya?)
Third, I have buds skating lesson.
Fourth, I am working the Cheetah Girls concert.

Now 1 & 3 you might have guessed, but 2&4 completely off of my standard radar.

Once again overloaded, but I have Sunday to recover. That and Saturday night. Since Cheetah Girls will be over by 4:15.

enjoy life

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Happy Birthday Grandpa. I know that this one is going to be a tough one, but we love you and want you to have a happy birthday.

Halloween is just around the corner, what is really disturbing is the fact that the Christmas decorations are out. That is just wrong! They should not be out until after Halloween. Period. While I am shopping for my Halloween stuff I do not want to be rushed in to Christmas. I understand the deal with Thanksgiving, but Christmas...come on. Wegmans the large grocery store in my area has the trees out already. Some stores will start their piped in muzak as well on November 1. This is craziness. The advertisements for the toys are on the TV as well. This morning during cartoons there must have been 5 commercials for new toys. Most are the power ranger and barbie variety. Now I do not mind the toys, but the target marketing time sucks. I am trying to get dressed for work, and Bud screams at the top of his little lungs "Mommy mommy come here quick!" I run like a lunatic in the room and he says "look mommy.... I want that." My reaction is to tell Santa. Mommy does not buy toys for the sake of buying. Since this is the first year of fully comprehending the Santa and gift bit, I think that we now need to look in to letting him know that He will not get all of the toys that he wants. 29 days till Black Friday!

enjoy life

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


First to my hubs....
I am sorry I am sick all of the time. I know when we got married we said in sickness and in health. I did not realize that the sick days would be far greater than the healthy ones. I am sorry that the sickness has been so long. Never once have you complained and I am sorry that you got the raw end of the deal. I am sorry my medical expenses have taken up almost all of what money we had for "fun" stuff, and I am sorry that you have to deal with it all of the time.
Second to Bud.....
I am sorry that mommy is sick all of the time. I am sorry that when you want to go out and play I can't take you all of the time. I am sorry that when you want to ride your bike or rollerblades that you have to do it in the driveway, because I can't go out this time of year. I am sorry that mommy sometimes can't even get up and read you a book because I have a hard time breathing. I am sorry that at the last minute I have to change our plans when I get sick.
Third to my friends......
I am sorry for endlessly detailing how crappy I feel most of the time. I am sorry for being that "friend".

Here is your free pass. All of you. If I have annoyed you enough and you are sick and tired of me being sick and tired all of the time here is your chance. I am not going to be getting better. I have an illness that will never go away. I have to deal with it daily and it sucks. I do not want you to have to deal with it, but part of being around me is knowing that everything I do has a direct impact on my illness. No matter what I eat, drink or the meds I have to take. The activities I can do or not do. Where and when I can be outside.

I have taken some time away from this blog in order to get things in order. In order to figure out what I need to do in my life. So here is it out in the open. Here is your chance. I will not hold any grudges.

This is what I needed to do so that I can now......
enjoy life

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How DO you do it?

No, really how do you do it?

This was asked of me yesterday. This week is another one of those weeks. Yesterday I forgot that there was a luncheon for some of the office staff. Our CEO was nominated for business person of the year. Anyways, I had to run home and change my clothes since I felt that my dress slacks and sweater were too casual for this event. I had a meeting and a dinner Monday, I have a meeting tonight, and I also have Bud's hockey practice. I will be late to the practice. I have our Rotary fundraiser tomorrow night, and have to start planning a 5th birthday party for Bud. So how do I do it? I have a great support system. My parents are awesome at helping us out and the hubs is my biggest fan. He does so much to make things run smooth. That is how. But I can't say that with out it sounding so simple. I fit in my friends here and there. I have lunch planned this Friday with miss ribail and I have not seen her in....well..... gosh... it's been so long that I can't remember. We planned it a month out so that we could keep a clear calendar. That is how nuts it is. I have also decided that we need to get a huge dry erase calendar for our kitchen so that we can keep our life on track.

That is how it's done.

I have not blogged since I have been so busy at work and home. I finally just took a break today. That and I have a mega cold A- freakin' gain!

enjoy life.

Friday, October 13, 2006


So there was this guy who shot up a school house full of children. The families of all of these children agreed to raze the school house and leave a "pasture" there. All of this was done with out a bunch of overpaid jackasses called politicians and wanna be politicians. It was done in a weeks time and at night. The survivors of these children were not looking to place blame, but to move on and in their hearts remember.

Then there was this building where a lot of people died quite a while ago and nothing has been done to the space because everyone is arguing about what should be done with the space. Instead of having a simple park with benches to go and enjoy. There is this issue where tons of dollars are being spent on what is going to be done. Should it be an oversized memorial, should it be a new building, should it be nothing. There are also politicians making a boat load of money off of this.

The difference in my mind is the politicians. They are elected bodies and are afraid to loose a re-election and therefore will not make a decision.

enjoy life (the simple life)

editors note: I just read an article by the spokesperson on the series of events in PA and this sums it up perfectly ......"We just did what we think we need to do as people of faith. Our actions are more important than our words."

have a great weekend

Thursday, October 12, 2006

What the.....

For the past couple of months I have had this issue where I can not sleep. I am tired at 6 or 7pm then when 9:30 comes around I am UP. Wide freakin' awake. The worst part is that I am up until 2am where I then proceed to get 5 hours of sleep. Only to get up and take my sorry ass to work by 8:30. I have yet to figure out how to curb this. If I go to bed I toss and turn so much that the hubs gets annoyed. Taking sleeping pills is out of the question. So I will just deal. It will end soon right?


The boots you see here are what I call my hooker boots. I know the whole heel thing is off, but that doesn't matter. I have them on today with this little flowy black skirt, and everyone in the office thinks I look cute. I am thirty something and I am still being called cute. I guess I am old enough to get ma'amed and young enough to be cute! Works for me. I think.

enjoy life

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

DB has left the building :-(

It is a sad sad sad day!

For those who really know me, know who I mean. I have a smart friend and I mean really smart friend (he used to be a co-worker & friend) now he is just a friend. He is smart in the context that he writes this:
"......He stands, as those few others, a looming presence in my life, offering the possibilities of what could be accomplished to afford the noncompliant environmental solace. He confirmed for me, that genius, like CO2, has a smell that takes your breath, and allows an average man to do spectacular things."
This is his piece of brilliance. He is leaving and I am going to miss him. We do not hang out, nor do we make visits to see each other, but he is a great person nonetheless. He has joined the ranks of Snarky & LaDolce. Me ever loving co-workers who have moved to a better place while I sit here. Afraid to go, or complacent in my life, you decide.
I have expanded my circle of on-line friends and I can not keep in touch with them all, so I had to do some updating here as well. You will find that anyone can post. While this may be a temp thing, for now I want to see how it goes.

enjoy life

Monday, October 09, 2006

Public market

I have never been to a public market. I have been to farmers markets, but not to a public market. Apparently the city 20 minutes from my town has a HUGE public market. I was told by a co-worker, and I went. Holy freggin' cow! It was amazing! The prices and variety of items is amazing. I bought things I did not intend to buy, but I did buy these snack cakes that look like hockey pucks for Bud. He called them hockey puck goodness. I guess that means that he likes them. I also got him these amish snickerdoodles. He loved those as well. I also picked up 2 mega packs of socks for $7. Since it is so far away it is not something that I can do all of the time, but I think that we will have to make another trip to get our apples for making applesauce. We need to get a bushel. Last year we did not get enough and ran out of applesauce. The only things we make from scratch are strawberry jam and applesauce. Yummmm! So I am a quest to get apples next week. Then I will have to wait on for the next trip. What a find. Have I mentioned that it is simply amazing!

enjoy life

Friday, October 06, 2006

Just wake up and smell the coffee.

Last night while I was in the bathroom (No this is not gross) I took a look in the mirror. OK that may be gross, but anyways I noticed that there are more grey hair then before. This is very disturbing to me. I used to be able to pluck them out in a fashion that would not leave me bald. Now it appears that the brownish color is slowly caving to that of a hue of grey. This is hugely disturbing to me. I do not want to look like my grandma and I do not want to have to spend 150.00 to achieve the look I want every 4 weeks. Thus I have not colored my hair in weeks! Hence the noticeable amounts of grey. I am in the 25-34 age bracket and I do not want this to be my reality. It is bad enough I get ma'amed, and I am getting those lines around my eyes. Polite people call them laugh lines, I do not laugh all that much, so there is no laugh line there. It is old lady wrinkle. Plain and simple. My friend who laughs a lot has laugh lines and they look like that. Mine do not. I guessthe time has come, I have to wake up and smell the coffee.

enjoy life.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's finally here!

Last night was the first night of hockey practice. I met another hockey mom named SueAnn. She was very nice. Bud was not the biggest, but not the smallest. He was not the best nor the one needing the most assistance. This is all well & good! I asked him if he had a good time, and he said yes! Mental note....bring water bottle and increase inventory of lysol & febreese. The sweat and the stankness that comes from this sport is GROSS! I had to put his gear in the garage last night to air out. He is only 4 how much stink should that produce I mean really. Well now I know and I grossly underestimated him. He sweat more in that hour that I have in my whole life, but he was just so cute!!!!!

Hockey starts tomorrow for the Amerks, We got our season tickets in the mail yesterday. Looking forward to that as well.

Side note we are going to the public market Saturday and I have never been. I have been told it is a great place to shop for stuff. We are going to go before practice.
woo hoo

enjoy life

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rude or not you decide.

So there is this girl that I have not had any contact with since she left the company pretty much a year ago. Not even the courtesy of an email to say hello from her in the past year. Today I get an email soliciting money for a fundraiser that she is doing.
I am raising money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as a participant in their Light The Night Walk. I am walking in honor of my mother-in-law, xxxxxxxx, who has courageously fought the battle against lymphoma and is currently in remission. Each donation helps accelerate cures for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma and brings hope to the patients and families who are on the front lines of the battle against these diseases.

Now I ask, what would you do? I would never ask her to buy anything nor would I send such an impersonal email to my friends soliciting money. I think it is rude. I am not the queen of etiquette, but I think that I have the basic skills of what is and what is not in good taste. I feel for her mother-in-law. I wil pray for her mother-in-law, but if you want money from me do it right and not like that.

That is it for now more to come!

enjoy life

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Awful Awful Awful

The whole issue with the Amish girls in the school house is very disturbing to me. Any form of violence to others is very disturbing, but this is more bothersome. These girls would have contributed to society in a simple way. They would have assisted families in the agriculture sector and would be mommies some day. They will raise honest, hard working and god fearing children.
So tell me, what is the matter with people? Why would someone hurt such a person.


While I'm at it.....why would anyone hurt children. Verbally. The big fat piece of horse patoot in FL is another one. Sending messages to kids working as pages. Until you are 18 you are a kid. I do not care how mature your parents say you are, or how far away from your parents you live. Until you are 18 you are a kid. Adults should know better and if you act on inappropriate behavior you deserve to be punished. Especially where children are concerned.
I do not care what your role in society is. All the more shame on you. Hiding in rehab is no excuse.

enjoy life