Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Are you the singee or singer?

I pulled a late night last night due to the afore mentioned software program, and as I was driving home I had a deep thought. Are you ready for this? When you were a kid listening to the radio (sorry we did not have ipods) did you envision yourself at the person singing the song to someone? or someone singing the song to you? I must say I pondered this longer than necessary on my 10 minute commute home. I was the one who envisioned myself singing this to someone, where as a guy that I had an un-recipical mad crush on (in 8th grade) envisioned that someone singing it to him. What was amazing is that I put a lot of thought in to this. I never ever thought about it before. I had just thought everyone thought the same way about certain songs the way I did.

So that is my pondering thought and I needed to share.

signed the singer

enjoy life

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Office Software & Hockey you decide

We have a software in our office called timberfuck. It kicks me out almost daily and if I am lucky twice a day. Today instead of having the luxury of being kicked out, it is shut down. So here I am. My position in this company does not allow me to do anything but work in the various programs with in this piece of shi$ software.

So the decision has been made and we are enrolling Bud in the Pony league to play hockey. Bud has no idea yet, as we have not told him. This will involve reaching deep in to the pockets and forking up almost $400 for the time. Thank goodness Papa and Mama (my parents) are going to foot the bill for equipment. It won't be too bad since he already has the skates & helmet. It runs from October to March 2 days a week of 1 hour ice time. Now one might say why would you pay that much for a child to play hockey. Well here are the reasons.

  1. The first time he rolled over the hockey highlights were on ESPN and he was watching it when I went to check on him.
  2. For Christmas when he turned 2 he was given a hockey stick from Santa and since then he has had one in his possession all the time.
  3. He learned to skate from the recreation program that is offered for the town and has been going every Wednesday since he was allowed on the public rink.
  4. All summer he has been on his roller blades playing hockey in the driveway
  5. When he won my office NCAA pool he wanted a hockey helmet. Not toys, or McDonald's, but a hockey helmet. So he got one. (Note: The pictures below are pre-helmet purchase)

Need I say more. Look how much fun he is having.

enjoy life

Monday, August 28, 2006

Big Sissy!

I have decided that in my not so old age that I have become a big sissy!
Hubs, Bud & I went to the Carnival at the local church. It is an annual event that always draws a huge crowd. They have rides for kids & adults, carnival games and food. Well we set a limit on the rides for Bud and he wants to ride the paratooper. It is a big umbrella like ride that you sit in and it goes forwards and backwards. Since the hubs hates heights that leaves me to go. Now back in my day I would ride every ride in the park. I would go upsidedown and backwards. Never bothered me. So here I am sitting next to Bud and we are on the ride. He is rocking the seat back and forth and I am FREAKING out. I said to him hey Bud don't do that. He could care less. He keeps on rocking. Me on the other hand I am as pale as a ghost. I want to get off. Then we start to go backwards. Bud looks at me after we get off and he says want to go again? I said no. He says big sissy. Where in the heck does that come from.
No matter it is true I am a big sissy.
enjoy life

Friday, August 25, 2006

July 13 Part V

Ok I am going to bullet this:
  • Meet with funeral director make plans and slut tries to change them in front of the funeral director she does not succeed.
  • Go to florist and get flowers slut tries to pick them out for us again does not succeed(contemplating changing her name to bitch)
  • Call Church and make arrangements for reception and start to plan menu
  • Ask for help in getting food for 50 folks, get minimal.
  • Work on eulogy (very hard)
  • Work on collages for service
  • Take care of guest and my child

Now we are done with the service and we spend lots of time with the FIL. The slut tries to take items out of the house and demand that certain things are hers. No the case since the lawyer told her no, but she managed to steal about a suitcase and a half of the items that were my SMIL's. If I ever see that thieving ungrateful slut again it will be too soon.

Oh yeah.... brother-in-laws wife calls (who is in CA) to speak with brother in law (who is in NY for funeral) and says I am leaving you. I am calling a lawyer and I want a divorce.

The insanity will never end. So that is my story and I am tired. This week has been all about getting this out and venting about the craziness. I needed to do it and I am not sorry if it bugged you. This is my space and I can write what I want to.

I missed all of Rockstar and Big Brother so I am grouchy about that too.

Side note: since July 4, 2006 to August 21, 2006 I have had 6 deaths around me. I am done. No more. Enough.

Enjoy life!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

July 13 Part V

Here we go!
On Monday I go to work. What the hell was I thinking????? I get a call from my hubs sister and she has told me that slut is calling the lawyer stating there is a will making all kinds of a fuss. We are planning to meet the funeral director at 3:00 so my plan of working a half day goes down the tube. I go home. Make more phone calls and more phone calls and more freakin phone calls. Then we meet for lunch to make sure that FIL is eating. Slut is late as usual and on the phone with her friends. Only cries when others are around to gain sympathy. We go to the funeral home and talk about the details and how the obit should read. Slut provides a piece of paper written the way she wants to be in the paper and the funeral director says no! She also tries to make changes to the date and time that we have already decided on. Every so offen the room would get quiet and we would look at her like she was an idiot. Once Thursday was firm we made the arrangements with the church and the reception after the service. I was in charge of all of it to make sure that it went smoothly. I did a lot of cooking and salad making. It was ok. Slut did everything to try to ruin it. She moved the special flower that FIL put near the picture at the alter for the service, she took a bunch of the flowers from the service and wanted to take them to a nursing home. When FIL said he wanted the ones he picked for his wife that said "Wife" she said no, I paid for them. They go to the nursing home. Just little things like that made us hate her. The last straw was when she stole items from the house and demanded that all of the SMIL rings and pearls go to her. Umm NO! She crammed her suitcases full of stuff that she could smuggle out and went back to Florida. Thank god! Karma hit her though. Her luggage was lost and the had the runs the entire flight.
If I ever see her again it will be too soon. Would you believe there is still no will! She was so insistent that there was. Lesson learned. Get a will, health care proxy and make all of your funeral wishes known.

I have had 6 deaths in my life since July 4th. I think that I have hit my quota!

I can now enjoy life. Albeit a bit sadder now, but I am going to enjoy life.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

July 13 Part IV

So here I am at 2:30 calling all of the SMIL's family members who live out of the state to let them now what has happened. Once I make those calls Bud wakes up with dreams of monsters. It was creepy! At this time I was contemplating when and how to tell Bud that his gramma whom he say just a couple of weeks ago has passed. I wait. I do nothing. I sit and then contemplate weather or not we should take our scheduled day trip to the local amusement park. I decide to go, and not tell Bud so will have a good time. Honestly, as I look back that part of the day was a blur. I decide that I need to leave Bud at my parents house after the trip so that I can take care of business with the hubs family. What I find out is that the sister to SMIL is on her way and wil be arriving sometime in the late afternoon. Now the family is at the house cleaning and throwing away all sorts of garbage so that the house will be prepared for the company that is about to arrive in the next few days. Now here is a very vital part. She had no will. She was married to FIL for 19 years (not days or months, but years) and they had been together for 26 years. This is important for later. At 4pm I meet the deceased sister at a gas station. I'll call slut for the benefit of FIL. I have her follow me to FIL's house and she is all weepy. When we arrive the house looks to be in pretty good shape. Now slut takes it upon herself to go through the house as if SMIL was single and lived alone. FIL was pissed and right away knew where this was going. So here we are at 5pm on Sunday looking for a will or any sort of important documentation. There was none, but slut insisted that she had one at her house in FL from 1977. That was a lie. Then we all sit down and get to talking about the service. Slut wants it on Friday. FIL's kids say Thursday since Wednesday would have been SMIL's 64th birthday, and why drag it out. End result it was agreed SMIL was to be cremated and buried on Thurs 8/17. I make the call to the funeral home and get all of the arrangements started. First meeting is Monday with the funeral director. I also contact the church and make all of the arrangements for the reception after the service. FIL also asked me to give a eulogy. As if my plate is not full enough. Hub's sister takes on all of the finances (big mess).

Part V tomorrow (please bear with me, this is very therapeutic for me)
enjoy life

July 13 Part III

Another couple of days of my father in law and the PA trying to help care for the step mother in law and on August 6 she falls to the ground and just the FIL is there. He calls his son who has a fantastic nurse wife and they get her up and go straight to the car. While she is sitting in the car the nurse calls the PA and says she is in the car and we are coming to you. So off they go to the non-surgical hospital. Once she gets there she is placed in to ICU. Her leg is infected and there is a spot on her incision that is going to rupture and she could bleed to death. They dope her up on meds and keep her stable. That is all they can do. The doctors have a request to get her to Strong Memorial Hospital where she needs critical care, and they are waiting for a bed there for her. On August 11 the spot ruptures and she has a surgical Dr. stop the bleed and rush her to Strong. Once there after the initial run through of the charts and the doctors rounds they call at 5:00 am and tell us that they need to amputate just below the knee. The infection was that bad. So she goes under the knife not knowing what is happening. Once they get out of the surgery they have informed us that the entire leg was amputated and that the infection was really bad. She is in Surgical intensive care with a nurse 24/7. She passes away on 8/13 one month to the day of the original routine procedure at 2:22 am. I get the call from the hospital. Yes, I got that call, which leaves me to call all of the family members and relay the news. The Hubs, his dad, his sister and his brother all rush to the hospital. Hubs gets there first and says a prayer with her and waits for the rest of the family.

Part IV later

enjoy life

Monday, August 21, 2006

July 13 Part II

So on to Part II
Discharge happened on 7/18 in the afternoon. She was released with an infection in her leg and with oral meds to treat. She went to her primary care physician two days later. Primary doc says to father in law you should be ok to care for her. Just keep the bandages clean and make sure she takes her meds. FIL says Ok if you say so. He does the best he can not realizing how hard it is to take care of her. He calls the Dr the next Monday 6 days after release from hospital and says I need help. I can't do this. Dr. says bring her in Thursday. Once again they go in to the office and finally he gets the assistance he needs to care for his wife. A Physicans Assistant from a non-surgical hospital. She comes every other day to see her and make sure that all is well. After a week the leg is not healing, and the wound where the incision is just happens to be getting worse even after being on antibiotics for the leg infection. The PA says she needs to go back to the hospital 7/27 . So in she goes to the Emergency Department. Released the next day. Just an infection we will up the antibiotics that are clearly not working. You see they had her records and how she behaved and did not want her back in the hospital. Bastards. That was their second mistake. The PA still came every other day and did the best she could to help.

Tomorrow Part III

enjoy life!

It started July 13 Part I

On July 13 in the early morning my husbands step mother (or my step-mother-in-law) asked me to send emails to her friends and family to keep them updated on the progress of a routine surgery scheduled for July 13. They needed to do some work on an either an artery or vein in her leg. I did this. It was a favor and was only going to last a few days. Well, we went to see her in the hospital after the surgery on July 15. She had a violent episode due to being on prozac (about 1 month prior to surgery) and vicodin for the pain of the surgery. Because of this security had be outside her room 24/7. No staff was allowed in her room by themselves. If her blood pressure was to be taken the staff had to use a manual cuff not the automatic one. She got violent when the automatic was used (the lazy staff never looked at her chart to check this out). Despite her not feeling well and the episodes of violence, she was discharged from the hospital on July 18. Clearly a difficult patient, but due the special mixture of meds.
My father in law called constantly to get follow up care since SMIL was discharged with out it. Eventually she was assigned a physicians assistant out of another non-surgical hospital. No one bothered to see what was making her a difficult patient, they just thought she was a mean person.

Part II next time.....

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wet and Wild Wednesday

I had to use a vacation day yesterday since my steady Wednesday sitter (my dad) has to go and work at his retirement gig at the ball park. There was an afternoon game and those pesky press box guys needed him there. So I say hey Bud it's going to be the best Bud and mommy day. Let's go someplace. I pack up the family funster and off we go to the waterpark. The sun was deceiving. It was a cool day, but that sun was hotter than a mother. I now have sun burn like nobody's business. Bud, on the other hand has a little pink around the face, but that is all.
We did have an awesome time. We were there from 11-4. That was long enough for him, and to be honest long enough for me. So back to this hot thing. I have decided that when you go to a place like that no matter how much sunblock you have it is never enough. My lips are even a little krispy. In reality none of that matters since we had such a great day. Surprisingly we did not even get over charged on the food bit. I spent few dollars, and had a lot of fun. If you get the chance to go I would recommend
There are things that I would recommend for the select few. If a bikini comes in your size, but you have that little extra summin' summin' around your mid section DO NOT BUY! It is offensive to those all around you. Most moms got the knack of what is reasonable. To the ladies who are childless special note. This is a kids park in the middle of the week, you are not going to meet your future husband here unless he is the janitor and that is what you have set your goal on. For the teenage girls, standing in front of the cute lifeguard will not get his attention. You are annoying him to the extent that he has asked you to move so he can do his job. Then when he goes on break he is not allowed to "socialize" with the patrons that is the rule. You should read them when you walk in. It is clearly stated on the board.
Kids for the most part are well behaved to my extreme pleasure. It is a happy place for all.
I suppose I really needed that on a Wednesday!

enjoy life.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Good Food Karma

Today must be my lucky day for food.
I came in to the office and a co-worker whom I have given some of bud's newborn clothes that are too small offered to take me out to lunch. I said sure. He is just a nice guy. The co-worker that is. Then upon return from lunch there are these delicious cupcakes sitting in the break room for all.
Then at 3pm one of the guys that is in my cube farm got an extra coffee by mistake and offered it to me. It is just the way I like it, and I needed a coffee too. Yummm! All of this to me is good food karma.

Took the kids to the carnival this weekend and had a blast! I actually rode a ride with the kids. Bud and Sarah were having a blast and I was a bit of a nervous nelly about it. It has been years since I rode any ride, and this was a good way to get re-acquainted with it. I forgot how much I enjoy it. They wanted to go again and we did not have enough time. That is ok though we will go to another carnival in a couple weeks. Then that is it summer will officially be gone. Where does the time go.

enjoy life!

Friday, August 04, 2006


Last night we celebrated the birthday of Papa. Bud was so excited to give him his present he wanted to open it for him too. My dad being the ever tolerant man (where was that tolerance when I was a kid?) says sure Bud. We can all open the present. Three children and one adult opening 1 gift. Here is a guy who loves the grandchildren more than just about anything else in the world and lets them get away with anything. The home of my parents has become the land of the free. Kids can do what ever they want, eat what ever they want, stay up as late as they want. Where was this when I was a kid? I had strict bed time and I was not allowed to eat 3 popsicles in 15 minutes, and if I had the cartoons on all night I would be grounded from the TV.
I guess this is what makes my parents happy. My dad has said that this was the best birthday ever. In all there was my spineless brother, his wife, and their two kids, my hubs, mom, and Bud. That did make for a nice dinner and with the children being so young it thankfully took all of the potential for conversation out of the event. Since it took all of my energy not to lunge over the table and rip my brothers eyes out, pour some common sense in the holes and then put them back in. It felt pretty good to say that if I must say so.
So anyways it was a lovely dinner and as always Mr. Cerame has out done himself.

enjoy life

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Where do bridges come from?

Finally a break in the weather. It has cooled down. There is no longer the scorching 100 plus humidity!
Here is a statement I am throwing out there. In my world death happens in 3's. I have been informed that two of my friends have had their grandmothers pass. One on Saturday and one on Monday. I am sorry for the loss, but I do not want to know who is next! I am tired of death this year. There have been too many already.
Now the pleasure of realization. While taking Bud to my parents house he was talking about bridges. I think that is what was on his mind at the time. We talked about what bridges do, what the opposite of bridges are (tunnels??), what kinds of bridges there are(ones that go up and ones that do nothing). Keeping in mind once again this is a 4 year old. I never realized how many bridges we go over to get to my parents until he informed me of every single one.
So as we are talking he is learning things and is very excited about it. I could actually see and feel his energy from learning these things. I am not the bad parent!

I am still waiting on an update from the director at the school from yesterday.

enjoy life

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Confessions of a 4 year old

So the pint sized monster that is living in my house is becoming "that kid". You know the one that when he walks in the room no matter how funny he can be he is already perceived as the naughty one. Yup that's my kid.
Preschool is two days a week.
For the last 2 1/2 weeks we have been told by the teachers that he is having thumbs down days. In complete frustration of taking away certain toys and no dessert I finally sat him down and asked what is happening at school to make a thumbs down day.
I promised that I would not be mad no matter what he told me. Would you believe that worked?
He proceeds to tell me ALL of the things that he does at pre-k that are "naughty" and even what the teachers do not see him do.
He has become (gulp) the kid that I tell my kid to stay away from. I have become that kids mom. The one I never wanted to become. I wanted to be the cool mom. Looks like that is not going to happen.
So what is a supermom to do???
Tail between my legs, I called the school to schedule a parent teacher conference.
Stay tuned for part II

side note:
AMERKS season schedule comes out today at 4:00. woo hoo woo hoo hoo.

enjoy life

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Checking in

Hey how are ya?
Oh yeah?
No not too much going on here.
Yeah I know it's been a while. You know that addiction to Big Brother I mentioned and well rockstar supernova. It's nuts!
Oh did I tell you I had this monster blood infection in my foot. It was awful. I could not walk on it. There is no feeling worse than standing in your kitchen, you hear the phone ring, and if you are like us with the digital cable I can look at the TV to see the caller ID. Well it was my work. I was right then and there trying to figure how to get from the kitchen to the living room on a foot that I could not walk on. It is amazing how your mind will not let your body just fall. I stood there just trying to will myself to the ground so I could get across the floor on my ass. That process was a real eye opener. I had to let my one good leg just collapse which was such an unnatural act that I will not go into detail. Let's just say I made it down, and got to the phone. Now I have since been feeling better, but that was just an experience.
Bud is well. He has picked up the swiming thing which is great. He loves to jump in the pool and play.
My dad had a bitrthday. We will be celebrating this Thursday. I will look forward to that. Aside of that all is well in my small corner of the world.
Take care.
enjoy life!