Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I am such a Goober-

I titled the last entry and wrote nothing about what is that is making my back ache. On Sunday I was at my 'rents house and planted over 50 various flower bulbs with the help of my cute little 4 year old. Then I helped my mom by gutting her bathroom and dispensing of 30 year old soap and shampoo samples from various hotel stays. Apparently my brother was a brut wearer in his teenage years and left his stock there. Gee.... I wonder why??? So we threw a lot away from the corners of the bathroom cabinets. My mom feels so good about it. She said it needed to be done. I agree. Then on Monday at home, the hubs and I preped all of the dirt in the front yard and are thinking about what we want to plant. We knew for sure that we were planting tomatoes on the side of the house (great sun) and we got them done. So to go with the sunburn I have a ready to go garden.

Of course there was a mishap with Bud. He saw his frisbee and when I was talking to the neighbor he threw it. It hit the neighbors flowers and took the tops off of two marigolds in the 6 pack they bought. I was embarrassed. I made Bud say sorry to the neighbor and when we went to get the tomatoes I made him use his 2 dollars to pay for a new 6 pack of flowers for the neighbors. He walked over and said the her "I am sorry Mrs. B and I got this for you with my own money" she was all in a fret saying now you did not have to do that, but her husband Mr. B was quite impressed. I am not looking to impress anyone by any means, and if next time it is a window that he takes out with a hockey puck he knows that there is a price to pay for.... get this word.....tomfoolery. That is what I told them. Mr. B came over and thanked us for making sure that Bud was responsible for his actions. I know that is what my parents made me do when I was a kid, I know he is only 4 and that he probably does not understand all of this, but one day he will and hopefully he will be a better person for it.
Oh my aching back.

I had a pretty good weekend. I accomplished a lot and feel good about it. oooh oooh oooh I have to tell you what happened on Friday. Well actually Thursday last week.... mean person comes to my cubie and says "do you like country music?" I said yes, I listen to the local station. She says "Really, do you like country music?" I said I have been on the listeners advisory board for the local radio station for a about a year. End of conversation.
Friday I come in to work all ready for the weekend celebrating that my direct boss was taking a vacation day and not a lot of people were in the office. Mean person comes up to me and says here. She produces a copy of the latest Dixie Chicks CD. She has gone to all of the local outlets and bought all of the CD's and has given them away. She believes in the message they are sending and what they have done that she is buying them all up. I say thanks. Put it in my computer and listen. Not bad. Not great, but not bad. On a scale of buy or not I would say if it's on sale sure, otherwise wait. We had this long conversation about Dixie Chicks politics and her politics and all I said was yes. I may have different views than her, but I have an open mind. I understand her thought process and I have mine. That is what makes the world tolerant.
So that sent me in to a good weekend. That and I got an email from Snarkie and La Dolce we are going to get together soon!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Bud and Daddy Day!

If each day I got yelled at it would be worth it as long as in return Bud and Daddy had days like yesterday.
Things happen that are so far out of my control that there is nothing that I can do. If a nameless wireless company takes money that my company sends in and applies it to a "holding account" because they are stupid It is not my fault. If said wireless company turns off CEO's phone for non-payment it is not my fault. But some how it is. As previously mentioned I took my beating (even if it was not my fault) and dealt with it.

Well, yesterday Bud and hubs went to the ball game. It was a noon o'clock game and it was delayed 2 hours due to rain. Well as they entered the ball park one of the promotional people there asked if Bud would like to be the honorary coach. This is where the kid goes ON the field and gives the umpire the line up cards for the teams. He did it and loved it. Their picture is on the front page of the sports page of the paper. He also got 3 baseballs which delighted him so much. He said that he had a great "Bud and Daddy day" The excitement and joy on his face when I walked in the door yesterday was priceless. I know it was a fluke and it it not always like that, but that does not matter it happened for them yesterday.

So as I said.... I will take a hundred days of getting yelled at for him to have a hundred days of yesterday.

Side note: My dad won the volunteer of the year which is great.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mean person: How are you? Are you OK?

mommyrox: Yes, I took my beating.

Mean person: And you took it well (chuckle, chuckle)

mommyrox: Well I have an older brother and I have had years of experience.

Mean person: Well, OK (laughing)

People who know where I am and what I do know what I am talking about.

All I can say is what the F*&^!
Bite me!

Get over yourself. Do you realize how stupid you sound? You are spewing nonsense. So stop yelling and get a grip.

The second biggest idiot, but not for long
(since you are the first)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The mighty High

There are so many good things going on right now. I mean the immediate future 7-10 days. I have a great kid and a great husband. That is just the tip of the highness. Tonight is parent teacher conference, so my son may not be so great in 7 hours. Just kidding! Anyways, tomorrow is the Mother's Day tea party for his school. How nice is that. I am leaving work early to go to that with my son. Next is the Lilac festival parade which we will do together on Saturday. Those are just some of the upcoming events.
My dad has been nominated for the LPGA volunteer of the year. That is great! I am just so happy for him. The only way I can describe it is that it is like an Emmy nomination for regular people. He was nominated last year, and I felt the same way. I think it is exciting. Oh yeah... did I mention that I got the nomination too? I have never been nominated for anything by my peers except for biggest flirt in 8th grade which really does not count. Anyways the ceremony is on the 17th where they announce the winner. It is funny I have been a volunteer at this event for 20 years and just thought that it was a service to the community (proceeds to go to Camp Haccamo for disabled children).
I played hockey with Bud last night. We played two games of driveway hockey. He.... kicked..... my.... ass. Keeping in mind that he is 4 and I am.... well..... older. We played to ten and the score was 4-10 and 2-10. He is amazing with stick and puck handling. I am not only in shock that I lost, but the score in which I lost by. His closing remarks were "it's ok to loose, you can try again" Umm.. yeah after I do a bit of conditioning.
So there are a lot of good things going on now. I am sure that once things settle down it will go back to the norm, but for now I am liking the HIGH!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Hubs
Happy Birthday to you.


Back from PA and so freakin' tired. Read book from co-worker. It is a speedy read, and in some places actually very thought provoking. There are some parts that you want to say "WHAT?!?" and then in the next breath say "wow.... you could be right"

One of my nieces who is about to be 2 saw a man that looked like Santa this weekend. He is in Rotary and sat with my family for a minute and as he sat this little voice says "ho-ho...ho-ho" it was so funny, since he really does look like Santa, and I never put the two together. The gentleman said that he gets it all the time. Well her older sister who is 5 came over and shook her head no because she did not think it was him. I said "well what do you think Santa does the rest of the year?" You could see her thought process where she was afraid to say it was not him, but not ready to concede that it was him. Those girls are really amazing! Too bad the parents suck! (That is until they apologize!)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Yeah.... I know.... It's been a while.

There has not been too much to report on. I have been loaned a book called Freakonomics from Mistah K at work. I will indulge myself this weekend when I have to sit in the back on that loooonnnnngggg drive to PA.
  • My nephew who is two, fell down the stairs and broke his collar bone. A great big smoochie to him and a speedy recovery! Poor guy!
  • I am leaving work early today to get my hair done. If my life were not so chaotic I would do it during down time like normal people, but I am not normal.
  • My home computer shit the bead, needs to see Doctah H
  • I tried something called lip waxing. Big mistake.....HUGE mistake.....I do not recommend it. Hurts like a mutha.
  • I have now gained back the xx amount of lbs. I lost and need motivation to get it back off.

Have a great weekend.