Thursday, January 25, 2007

I am bitch hear me roar!

Breathe in......breathe out..... breathe in..... breathe out...... It's not working!
Things have been so crazy that yesterday I forgot that there was an Amerks game. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I can't. I love hockey and I forgot about a home game. Work has been so consuming that I forget things that I have to do. Such as...... I had to run to BJ's to get snack for Bud's hockey practice last night. (snack mom again) So after I get Bud to practice and bring in the snack, I leave for the Amerks game. The hubs was there and took over, nothing like tag team. I get to the Amerks game and for some reason my heart is not in it. I am not concentrating on the game. After the second period I leave. I get home about 9pm and carry in the remaining juice pouches. The hubs says "why didn't you leave the extra box of juice?" I told him I did and he said they were short 3 pouches. There are 15 kids on the team and I left 20 juice pouches. He said there was only one box of 10. I was upset. There were 3 kids that did not get juice. Then he says Bud got sick at practice. He has had a cough since Tuesday morning, and after practice last night he coughed up so much phlegm that it required the garbage can. EEWWW!
Well I called the team manager and told her that I brought two boxes of juice pouches. She said that she saw a box in the hall and did not put two and two together until I called her. Some older kids (9-10 year olds) went in to our kids (5-7 year olds) locker room and took their snack. I felt and still do feel bad that some kids did not get juice. They practice hard and the parents I am sure count on juice for their kids after practice. I know I do.
Well, to continue my saga, Bud was coughing all night and at 2am he calls for me and says that his back is so hurting when he coughs and he is now running a fever. So I administer the ibuprofen and rub his back. He is crying that it hurts so much. I feel so bad for him. I get the heating pad out and for the rest of the night I am rubbing his back and putting the heating pad on his back. I get to work an hour late and a co worker says good morning. I replied wit a F-you. It was uncalled for, but I am tired and really far behind in my work. So I am a bitch today and I am not sure my brain can handle much more! I have emotional stress, work stress and sick kid stress. Calgon take me away. No wait, never mind that makes me itch and I do not want that stress.

enjoy life

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


A long time ago I was emotionally hurt by one person and scared both physically & emotionally by another all in the same year. 1990 was the worst year in the world for me. I don't mean my best friend slept with my boyfriend, or the jackass broke my arm before I got smart and dumped him kind of hurt. It goes a lot deeper than that. One of those people has resurfaced. Not that they are looking for me, but in my conversations this persons name came up and I choked on my spit. No, really I did. If I had liquid in my mouth it would have gone flying. Apparently the shocked look on my face opened up the window for a series of questions, and the person asked do you really know "x"? What could I say. I am not a liar. I said "yes, and it was a long time ago". "Really I'd call it two life times ago". I guess from what I am told "x" lives close by and has a good life. I did not get in to former names and how I know x. All I said was just that it was a long time ago. I am glad for x to have a good life, I have a good life. Correction I have a great life. I have no complaints. No regrets (is stupidity a reason for regret?). Anyways.....for far too long this has been eating at me ( a few hours). Curiosity is dangerous. There are several dimensions to this. Do I say "hey I haven't seen x in ages, we should get together" Do I want to know how x is doing? Do I care? Do I wish "x" was remorseful? yes and no. Has this impacted how I live my life and how I treat others absolutely. For the past 16 years this had had an impact. If I were to see x I would want the biggest apology in the free world? Would I would want x to say that this has been bothersome for 16 years? yes. Would it happen? probably not. Is there anything that x could say or do to change my current life? Not a chance in hell. It is possible that x will cross paths with me in the near future probably. Believe it or not my son may need to cross paths with x. Would he know him? no. Would he remember me? not based on looks, but yes x would remember. Do I think that we could be friends? not sure. Do I want to? not sure. Do I think that this is over? no. Do I want it to go anyfurther? no, not under the current circumstances. Do I secretly wish x was am emotional wreck? unable to get on with life because of the actions taken? Sure, but life is not a soap opera. So as I sit here reliving all of those emotions, and the scars start reappearing as if it were yesterday I am curious, and we all know what curiosity did to the cat. Right?

enjoy life

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Eyelashes lead to cleaning

Whoda thunk that this would be an issue?
Me that's who.

I went to my friends house to pick up some make up that those ladies in the pink car sell. Note: they do not give away pink cars anymore, they are grey. Anyways.... I go over there and in the course of talking with her, after getting my pre-ordered blush & mascara I blurt out "ya know, I think I should try a new look" Well that gets me a whole bunch of "look type" items. They are these cards with samples of eye shadows, blushes and lipsticks. They are VERY cool. I have been trying a new look every day for a week. Here is where the eyelash thing comes in. The new mascara that the pink car company sells is now apparently a "lash extender" as well. For those of you with glasses (like me) a "lash extender" is a horrible product. Every time I blink the mascara brushes up against my glasses and leaves a black/brown mark on them. So, for the first ten minutes that it is on my lashes I have to clean my glasses. Now you might be saying to your self well duhh momyrox just leave the glasses off for ten minutes. Do you realize what kind of catastrophe can happen in ten minutes with my glasses off? Not only do I pay premium dollars to have the super duper ultra thin lenses so that I can see, I am as blind as a bat. No joke. So, asking me to go without my glasses is a massive accident waiting to happen.
My mornings always go something like this.
get up, shower, get Bud up (if he is not already), gel hair, get him breakfast, get myself dressed, get Buds clothes out (unless he is in a dress myself mood), start to put on make up, clean up breakfast dishes, finish make up, get Buds socks (because I always forget them...don't ask!), start hair, get a scream from Bud (he can't find something that he needs at school that day) go help Bud, finish hair, tie Buds shoes then get out to door. So you see all the running in and out of the bathroom that I do, and that it requires my glasses.
Now, in all of this I get those pesky lines on my glasses from the mascara and it makes me nuts. So I have to clean them. Now you may say just don't wear the mascara. I can't do that I am trying a new look.
So, now I do not like the new mascara because it leads to lash lengthening and that leads to cleaning.

enjoy life

Monday, January 15, 2007

Another what? Sell what? Jeesh!

I thought I was going to be super busy this weekend. I was not, and I am glad. We had an Amerks hockey game on Friday and on Saturday Bud had his hockey game. We went out to dinner and came home. Sunday was just Bud & Mommy day. We watched a movie at home and played hockey inside. We went out to dinner and had a good time. Went grocery shopping at the big "super box" store and I was not impressed. Clearly nothing exciting.
We (Bud) got another invite to yet another birthday party. Will the madness ever end?????
I am also hosting a Southern Living at Home party at my house on January 30. I never have hosted these parties and here I go getting myself involved in this. I have no idea what they are, and a co-worker decided to start selling this stuff. I always told myself that I would not do this. My house is not equipped for this sort of stuff. Well guess what. Here I go. I managed to go to tons of these kinds of things, even buy from friends having a "book" party, but I have now crossed in to the realm of hosting. I will do it this once and that is it! No more. I managed to go over 5 years and not host anything that involves soliciting money from friends. I, however ask my friends to tell me when they are selling stuff, because I will buy. Go figure.

So, there you have it nothing going on.

enjoy life

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I spoke too soon

Since last Friday things have been absolutely nuts!

My job is crazy busy, it is year end and month end all in one shot and there is just me to do it. UGGHH! Bud and his commitment to Hockey is just that a huge commitment. We have games and practices all the time. Now we have tournaments coming up. One is in two weeks and one in April. Birthday parties are coming out of the woodwork. We had one last week and one is in two weeks and...... today we find out there is yet another on the same day in two weeks and the EXACT same time. We already committed to the first one (since the invitation came a week ago), and the second one is a nephew (invitation 9 days before party). I am not one to back out of commitments no matter what. My word is my word unless there is a major emergency. So I have guilt!

Anyways....... Bud has been skating so well, and really enjoying it. He is so neat to watch on the ice, as are all of the kids. Some times they crash and burn, but it is so neat! Do I sound like Eddie Haskel? Swell.
We had a birthday party to attend this past Sunday, it was sooo much fun, and since I am sooo behind the eight ball I was shopping for the gift for this party the day of party. I opted to have a pre-made chilled coffee drink that is sold in the cafe at a large retail establishment at 2:30pm. This was fine until I got home after the afore mentioned party and felt the need to become....brace yourself.... dun da de dah..... Drawer Woman able to clean out a childs dresser and closet in 1 hour and still have the energy to work on some of my drawers as well as my closet. I also had enough ambition to...ok hold on to your hats... cook dinner. Yes, I said it I cooked dinner. Now before you start to panic no, it was not Thanksgiving or Easter. It was a random day of the week. No, I have not got malaria or some sort of wacky illness, I have not been taken over by aliens, I just had coffee after 11:00 am. So, when all was said and done I returned to my normal self and went to bed at 10:30.

I had a hair appointment and cut short while employing the nicest girl highlight the grey to carmel. She is great.

On the another front with the new year in full swing, I am very busy volunteering, with the camp for disabled children in the area. Creating a database of donors and directors, and volunteering on a board for another not-for-profit organization. Busy busy busy.
AHL hockey has been on the road for the past two weeks and there have been no games. There is one this Friday, but not another one for two more weeks. Whew.

Now my drama is nothing compared to snarky. Her pops has been having an extended visit in his local hospital. I know that everything is taking forever and I am very concerned about you, but I will not bother you with my emails. Work, other work, and home are very demanding and I want you to know that I am thinking of you every day and prayers go out to all of you (mom, pops, snark, the idiot, tbtine).

So, I will continue on my merry way and hope that all is well.

enjoy life

Friday, January 05, 2007

Blah blah blah that is what is going on.

There is nothing going on in my life to warrant any type of post. After a month of hiatus Grey's is back on, bud is back in to the hockey thing after a two week break, my work life is still me on the verge of my wanting to stand in traffic.
I was looking for the commercial on youtube for Verizon. Have you seen the one where the dad is talking to his kids and says oh is that the new cherry chocolate lg and the girl goes yeah, then he looks at his son and says what did you get, and the son says I got the env. The dad then says what did dad get? and the girl says ahhhh aftershave. the day says no! Dad got hosed. I LOVE that commercial. I always stop what I am doing to watch it. If it were on youtube I would have put it on here, but it is not.

so that is it, nothing exciting going on in my world!

enjoy life

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Shit is a bad word

On Friday we are crusin' down the interstate to get to the Amerks game and out of the blue the small voice in the back of the car says "shit is a bad word" The hubs and I look at each other pause for a minute, and before the hubs freaks out I say who told you that? He proceeded to tell me the other child's name and the hubs freaks out and says we do not say that. In our house if you hear the word damn, then you know things are bad. We are just not of the swearing kind in our house, and especially in front of our child. I may type out something here, but I will not say it at home.
I digress..... We bring this up to the teacher and she says I am so glad that you brought this up. They were unsure of what children heard it, and did not want to draw attention to it in the classroom. HELLO!!!!! Teachers!!!!! Teach children what is inappropriate when it happens in the classroom. The hubs said if he ever hears that again he is going to get out the lava soap.
Lesson learned!
enjoy life

Time flies

I am on the look out for my child. He is 5 has light brown hair and is about waist high. Oh yes, he has tendencies to scream for no apparent reason and does not sit still at the dinner table to save his life. If you have seen him please replace the now polite, 5 year old that is at my house who is sitting at the table and asking to be excused. The screaming has gone away, which is why I am surprised that I can not find my child. It seems overnight at the ripe age of 5 I have a new child. As we were sitting at the table for dinner I said to him, "excuse me, where is my Bud? Have you seen him" The reply I got was "Silly mommy, I am right here." To which I exclaim " Noo, My child never sits at the table nor does he talk like a big kid." "Well" he proceeds "I am now 5 I am a big kid" I start hootin and hollerin like it is a party and I am reprimanded by this polite 5 year old by him reminding me that there is a time out chair for me if I do not behave. I thought this day would never come, and in the same token, I am sad that it is here already.

enjoy life it goes by too fast