Friday, December 29, 2006

It's here ready ot not

Things I want to accomplish in 2007

Loose 25 pounds (inspired by snarx)
Drink more water everyday
Enroll bud in Kindergarten
Keep my car that is finally paid off running for all of 2007
Appreciate the hubs more (he does EVERYTHING)
Visit more with my friends.

It may not seem like a long list, but it is. They are goals that I CAN reach, but will I?

May you all have a Happy Healthy New Year.

enjoy life, see you all in 2007

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Santa comes!

Santa came to our house on Christmas eve. We did not get to sleep until 2:00 am. Then we received a call on Christmas morning that was the wrong number at 4:40am. Get back to sleep in time to hear Bud shriek at the top of his lungs at 6:00 ish Mommieeeeee daddddyyyyyy Santa came and brought me slippers filled with candy! Thoughts to myself.... he can never get up early ever and today he is up 2 hours before the sun. I mumbled something and tried to go back to sleep. He had not ventured out to the living room to see the presents. He was in his room. Still screaming that he could not believe that Santa came tippie-toed in to his room and left him candy. At this point I was so freggin tired. I said something that resembles go look at the tree. I heard it come out of my mouth, but I could not believe what I said. Just how is that going to let me sleep an additional hour. I was doomed. Then the scream fest began. Look at all of the presents for me. Mommy get up! Daddy come on look! All the while he is pulling off the covers. I asked him if his slippers were on, he said no. Whew! That gets me an extra 15 seconds. He has them on and once again Mommy get up pleeeezzzzeeee. Daddy come on pleeezzzeeee. So up we go. Staggering in to the living room. To be honest this is the best part. He looks at everything with the light on and his face is as bright and he is beaming with excitement. We get coffee brewing and he eats breakfast before we open anything. He gets to open his stocking and said "Mommy you are right Santa brings underwear, I always get underwear" Yes, my child and you always will! He apparently is a Sabres fan since he got some Sabres things as well.
So as I sit here trying to recover from what feels like a hangover due to sleep deprivation I will keep things short and sweet.

enjoy life!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Right there is the baby!!! SEE!!!!

All is quiet before the first prayer in church and all of a sudden "....arrrppp" then a small voice says "excuse me I burped" multiple snickers form the two rows around us. I sink in my seat.
But it's not over church has just begun.
The Christmas Eve service there is a part where the kids go to the front for a message with the Pastor. Bud goes up there, and the pastor is talking about being Shepard's. He proceeds to talk about the Shepard's going in to the night with faith to find the baby Jesus. He calls the kids to follow him up and down the aisles in the chapel and look for the baby. Well only my kid says three steps in to the intended long walk "Right there is the baby!! See". This would be one of the parishioners newborns in a car seat. The minister lost track of what he was doing for a bit and said "no not this baby". Bud says "you said a baby" The Pastor was not going to continue that conversation, so the Pastor said "lets walk" and continued on up one aisle and down the next to the front of the church. The pastor speaking all the way saying where is this baby..... gets to the very front of the chapel. The pastor exclaims "look, here is the baby" Bud not missing a beat says "I found the other one first" I was embarrassed and sunk 2 levels in my seat. The hubs is laughing....What can you do???

enjoy life

Friday, December 22, 2006

last post till after Christmas.
Just a heads up since my house is a disaster, and I am not ready for Christmas yet. I have in years past been done before Black Friday and saved that day for toy shopping only, but nope not this year. I am so far behind. I will leave on my lunch today and get what I need to finish up. There is a bit still.

So this is a special message to everyone.

May your Christmas be filled with love and kindness. I wish you love, peace and happiness.

Merry Christmas!

enjoy life

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Bummer!

This past Wednesday was Bud's turn in goal for his team. Each kid, if they choose, gets one practice and one game in goal. He had been practicing at home all week. He loved it. On Monday we found out that the game scheduled for 12/30 was cancelled. We (the hubs & I) did not have the heart to tell him. I did not want to break his heart on Monday. It was his birthday. Well the announcement was made at practice. The game would be cancelled. All of a sudden big HUGE tears started to well up in his eyes, the lip starts to quiver, then he sniffles a bit, and there is goes, the tears fall and the crying begins. Not the wailing kind, but the kind where his heart has just been smashed to pieces. Now we have to give the gear to the next person in line. He says "Nooo mommy....we get two times" sniffle sniffle "We get one practice and one game". I had to explain that the game was not going to happen. All of the effort he did to practice was for nothing. I had no better way to tell him that it was cancelled, he did not understand that word, so I told him that the ice was broken. He understood that. He was still sobbing and I felt awful. So now the gear is gone. I am hoping that he will get a chance later in the season, but there is only 3 months left and not that many games scheduled. Talk about a Christmas bummer! Learning disappointment early in life is a good lesson I suppose. Still a sucky one.

enjoy life

Monday, December 18, 2006

5 Years ago right now

Five years ago right now I was blessed with the most precious boy in the world. Happy Birthday Bud. Thanks for making mommyrox's life a whole lot brighter. I love you with all my heart.
enjoy life!

He shoots....he scores!

In his first ever appearance in front of over 8,000 people at the BCA, Bud scores his first goal ever. The only goal of the night by the Red Sabres I might add. The crowd went wild. He was raising his arms up and chanting. High fiveing (sp) the other kids and then the buzzer sounded, it was all over. I was wise enough to get it on tape, but not wise enough not to jump in excitement when he scored, so it is a bit bouncy at the end.
Live and learn.
6 days till Christmas
enjoy life!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Ready set go....and go.... and go....

I think I have calmed down a bit and I am feeling less stressed. Tonight Bud plays during the intermission at the Amerks game, and the ENTIRE extended family is going to be there. Then he has practice tomorrow at 12:30 and his birthday party at 5:00, then hockey at 7:30 he will be late for the second hockey. THEN Sunday morning he has a game at 9:30. keeping in mind that to get to either of these hockey places it requires a 30 min drive minimum and then there is getting the gear on. Somewhere in there I need to finish my Christmas shopping, and decorate the darn tree. We went out back last night to get our tree. The Boy Scouts were selling them at the fire hall and we walked out back picked it out and carried it home. Breathe in......breathe out.... breathe in.....breathe out. Oh I almost forgot. Since Bud's birthday is on Monday, I have to bring a "healthy" snack to school for his birthday. Please explain to me how you sing happy birthday over a fruit platter. Where is the candle? In the watermelon?
So now I realize that not only is hockey very expensive, it is very time consuming on the weekends. Now I realize that I do not have to go all the time, and that it is not the end of the world if we do not go, but I committed to a team that we would be there. I will not break my word. I stand by the committments I make. I may be late, but I am there.

enjoy life! No matter how busy it is.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The power rangers are mine muhaahaahaaha

Dash out the house at 6:35 am and realize that I must dash back in for a check that I need to deposit. Darn it! dash out again and get in to the car. I am going to be the first person at Kmart. It is 5 minutes to seven and I am standing ouside the door and another lady strolls up. Oh no. Could she want a power ranger? Then a guy comes up. Are you kidding me what do people need to got to Kmart for at 7:00 on a Wednesday if it is not for a one day sale. Stratagically I am planning my dash in the store. Then a guy comes out and says "yeah it's about 10 more minutes" I look at my watch. I s he crazy. It is 2.... 2 minutes till seven, then I look at his shirt and he is the carpet guy. What the heck does he know. Then.... here she comes.... she opens the door. And away we go. All of us in the store. We all head in the same direction, but the lady breaks off to go elsewhere, and I stop at toys, the guy continues to automotive. Whew. I do not have to beat any one up today. So I look at the toys and there are no signs on them. What ones are buy one get one. Oh no. I go and grab a flyer and I see what ones they are. I make my selection and then she comes over with the sign. She puts it on the expensive power rangers and I look at her and say Oh is it the big ones? She says yes. I add to my collection and proceed to the check out. Then the girl rings me up. Lo and behold..... the Big ones are NOT buy one get one. I said the lady in toys put the sign on those ones. They override the price and then proceed to double charge me. Ooops an easy mistake and we get that fixed and off I go. Woo hoo I am the coolest santa in the world. because after the green power ranger on the motercycle all he wants is stick tape! (That is for his hockey stick)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sorry for the delay

The temporary delay in posting is due to the fact that I am completly crazy and have yet to figure out how to get it all in.

This delusion of hockey being only on Wednesday and Saturday was just that. There are games on Sundays all over two counties. HOWEVER........ he looks so cute..........

Had this picture not been posted on the web site I would not post it here, but being that it was, here it is. I will claim the one second from the left.

That compounded with the mega birthday party this weekend I am just about done. I have yet to buy my son a birthday gift. I have decided that the Fisher Price digital kid tough camera is an expensive item, and therefore he will have to wait until after Christmas. The item is out of stock all over the place, and I have had enough with getting the baby alive and the elmo. You see my brother decides at the last possible minute that he wants a Baby Alive and TMX Elmo for my nieces. So what does the good aunt do. She calls every Target andToys r Us with in 50 miles and the second they say "yes we got it in today" I run like hell out of the office to get to the store to get them. Now ya think that my brother would be thankful. No. Not a snowballs chance in..... well you know where. Thank goodness my boss is cool enough to let me go. He is really cool SOME times this is one of them.

Now for Christmas, I have to make a mad dash to Kmart tomorrow morning at 7:00am since the Mystic Force Power Rangers are going to be BOGO Wednesday only. If you plan on being there I may run you over to get there first. I know when they open and I know the layout of the store. You all have been warned.

enjoy life!

Monday, December 04, 2006


There is so much to say that I must start with Thursday of last week. I was invited to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Holy cow! That was an AMAZING show, and if you are ever given the chance to see them. GO! Do not hesitate. Do not pass go. Do not collect 20o dollaers, go directly to the concert. Just Go! 'nuf said. It was great. Simply amazing, The light show, the guys that look like 1985 big hair band rejects were great. The dancing & singing girls that like Great White groupies swoshing their hair were OK, but I would go anyways. there were several jaw dropping moments. Worth every cent and the parking fee.

Just my thoughts

enjoy life