Monday, October 29, 2007


Ahhh..... the sounds of the ocean, waves laping on the shore, sea guls chirping and the warm breeze brushing over me as I sit on the sandy covered beaches in the Gulf of Mexico. 10 days of pure relaxiation. (well, it rained for two).
It was just that lovely.
On the days I was not at the beach I was sitting poolside with a fresh squeezed glass of Florida orange juice. mmmmm.
I get off the plane and Kapow! It is 35 degrees and COLD! Yeah, I know I live in NY I should know better. I am still unemployed and still frustrated as all get out about the Dept of Labor, but I will get through it. I will be patient!
Short recap is that we went to the Lowery park zoo and it was amazing! As soon as I reboot my camera software I will upload a picture of Bud feeding the giraffe Randall. Daddy fed Coby as he was just too big and intimidating for Bud. He also fed the stingrays and the (shuddering) Morey eels. A very hands on Zoo. I will add the the eel bit was at the Florida Aquarium.
We do not have a costume picked out yet, but we are working on it. We have 2 days. Actually 1 if you count that he has practice tonight.

enjoy life!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some 'splainin to do

Operator: Were you dismissed for lack of work?
Mommyrox: Umm No
O: Were you dismissed for breaking company policy?
M:Umm No
O: If not for lack of work, were you given a written warning? Verbal?
M: Umm No and No
O: You state that you were not let go for lack of work, so what policy was violated?
M: Umm none.
O: I am sorry you do not qualify for benefits until we can determine that you were terminated for lack of work.
M: Excuse me , but you did not hear me. The recruiter did not get commission on her placement because SHE switched jobs. Not me. I was let go so she could find a placement where she could get her commission.
O: Yes, Ma'am I understand, but unless you were let go for lack of work we have to suspend all benefits to you.
M: Why?
O: You violated a company policy and were dismissed. I will need proof of written warnings sent to the office before we can determine if you qualify.
M: No I did not violate policy, and I was never written up, so no written warnings will be sent.
O: Then why were you discharged? Please explain.

This is my tax dollars at work? How do I get that job?

enjoy life!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ahhh here we go!

Again my blatant disgust for Christmas before Halloween comes this time of year. It is good in one aspect. My child has no idea what he wants for Christmas AND the things he does want are stupid commercials he sees on TV and says " Mommy I want that" my universal answer is tell Santa. I can count on Bud to never remember. Well this past week he asked for tickets to see the Buffalo Sabres. I looked at him and said "ask Santa" Then the smarty pants he is said "Santa can't make tickets he makes toys. How is he going to get tickets?" Darn you smart child. I think quick on my feet and tell him that Santa will make toys for the man who has the tickets and trade. A simple "OK" came out and that was that. Each year they get harder and harder. Since we have already secured the tickets for Christmas we are all set there. It is the rest that is a challenge. I have no idea what to get him! Suggestions are helpful.

enjoy life!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Outta my system

OK, I am done being pissed off and I have a wonderful bunch of friends trying to help me land a job. The tips were amazing.

I have had a lot of time at home and realized I am not meant to cook. Bake, yes. Cook, nope. While I enjoy eating.....(I am down 21 pounds now). I can not cook.
Part of the pre-requisite to cooking is tasting as you go. That is one thing I can not do. So if a recipe calls for " season to taste" I can not. Season to taste is either too much or too little. Never just right as I am not a guesser. My husband will tell you Nah, the wife can not cook. You don't even want her to try.
Anyways, I thought if I had the time I might be able to do it. Had the time, still could not do it.

Officially cooking is outta my system. I think it might be best for everyone involved!

enjoy life!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blindsided by Assholes

Here is the deal.
I was recruited from my job to another. After working for two months I was let go.
When I asked why I was being asked to leave I was told it was not a performance issue. Excuse me??? WTF people. Why? It is two months before the holiday season and you are letting me go? Well, I found out the truth. My recruiters co-worker was very good friends with the boss. The co-worker left and went to another recruiting company and was not going to receive the commission for my placement. My boss, in allegiance to her friend said ok we will let mommyrox go and several others that you have placed and you can re post the job at new company.
WTF people???? It is two months before the holiday season and you are letting me and several others go??? For non performance related issues??? You Assholes!
So for the past two weeks I have been on every job website and posted emailed and mailed my resume everywhere. I have been on two interviews and let me tell you it is a bitch! I am bitter and cranky. I am spending my days going nuts! Afraid that there will not be a job before Christmas.
I finally told Bud and he cried a bit and said "then I will not have nice things"
When he was having issues getting up in the morning I would say If I don't get to work I will not have money to buy you nice things.
He remembered. So I had to tell him I have some money for nice things, but please do not ask for things you do not really need. This is a great lesson for us on what we need vs. what we do not need. Right now he says he needs a superman costume. I am pushing for a vampire. I can make that one. Don't laugh! I can sew if I HAVE to.
I will keep you posted.

enjoy life.