Friday, February 25, 2011

Do NOT leave your child with me.

One would think that having my own 9 year old that I would be ok with other 9 year olds. Well, guess again. Let me tell you why.

Some time last month my son and his hockey team went to Syracuse for a tournament. I informed the goalie that if he played his heart out I would take him to Olive Garden as a reward.
Not only did he play his heart out he won the Goalie contest. that the kids are on February Recess we went to Olive Garden on Monday. On Tuesday he missed our non-league hockey game due to the stomach puke/poop bug. I felt horrible. Really horrible.
Now on Wednesday I had promised another hockey player on our team that since her dad and older sibings were going to Florida for break I would take her to the local AHL game. We go to the game and all is well until........just around the corner from our final destination as I am driving from the back seat all of a sudden I hear "Mrs. Mommyrox my tooth fell out". Wait a minute let me rephrase it really went like this...

Bud: eewww that's wet and I am not putting it in my mouth.

Mommyrox: What's wet??? Your mouth is for eating and talking.

Buds friend: ....and burping. (I roll my eyes)

Bud: the ribbon is in my mouth.

MR: Take the ribbon out now. (some rustling in the back seat)

Buds friend: Mrs. Mommyrox my tooth fell out

MR: Was it loose?

BF: No

MR: Are you kidding me?

BF: Can I have a napkin, I am bleeding.

MR: Does it hurt? Are you ok? Your mom's gonna kill me.

BF: I'm fine.

I pull over get the napkin and finish the 3 minutes to get her to her friends house since she was going to a sleep over.

I walk her in to her friends house get her a glass of water and explain the situation to the mom. Who by the way is just about laughing herself in to stitches

After this I leave because there is not much else I can do at this point.
Bud is literally asking if friends mom is really going to kill me. I said No. But her dad is an attorney and he may sue the pants off us. No. Not really. Well, maybe.

I called the girls mom in the morning and she laughs thinking it is hysterical and I am all freaked out about it. Am I missing somehing here? I have just sent your child home with one less bone than she came with.

She did go to the dentist and all is well. It is a baby tooth that would have some out on its own by the time she is 15. Umm.... yeah.... she is 9. That is 6 years from now. Does that mean she is going ot have a gaping hole for 6 years?????? OYE!

Let that be a lesson.

Do NOT leave your children with me.

Enjoy life!