Sunday, January 27, 2008

School Pictures

I had to laugh. I was talking to a friend and when I said that bud played hockey and has been she thought I was one of those parents. I said no way. He makes choices on what he wants to do. An example is when HE decided to do hockey camp over Disney. I am not rich, so those kinds of choices need to be made. Anyways that leads me to the new discussion we had. He asked if we were going to go to Disney I said no we only have that option every other year. His eyes got sad and he said with tears welling in his eyes "Does that mean no hockey camp?". Well that means a change of plans. We now have to calculate camp in to the budget again. On top of that there now needs to be a "friends birthday" line on the budget. He gets invited to birthdays like you wouldn't believe. He has had 2 already this year. He has another this weekend. That's $15 per kid. Add in the kids in his class and hockey team, add the to the kids from last years team and the after school program and that's a lot. Now we can't go to all of them, but if you are invited you still send a gift. That is what I was brought up to do. So......

I am missing the point here.

As I was showing her Buds hockey picture the flip side of the holder was his school picture. She laughed when she said he really looks like that all the time? I proudly said yes. He is an individual. So for those of you who have not seen it here it is. Laugh if you must, but there is no one else like him.

FYI - I did buy the copyrights to this image.
enjoy life!

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