Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time flies

Holy Cow.....
Time flies when you are so busy.
Today was the last day of school for Bud. As he boarded the school bus for the last time I felt a pang of sadness. First grade here we come....or so we think. I told Bud that I have not heard who his teacher is for 1st grade and therefore he may not go. I am so mean. I know that since there are 11 kindergarten classes they are not sending out teachers until next month. Besides how else are we going to keep those secretaries employed.

So what has happened these past 4 months?
Her it is (condensed version)

We successfully completed another hockey season.
Got older with out telling anyone.
Had a surprise party for my hubby who hit the big 4-0.
Volunteered a week of vacation for the 24th year at the Wegmans LPGA.
Kept my job and actually enjoy it.
The curse of mommyrox did hit, my boss quit. So it is official every job I have had post college my boss has quit before me.
Hired 2 people to help me at my job.
Signed Bud up for swimming lessons, because I couldn't bear for him to have my swim technique.
Remember that bathroom task I started months ago. Yup.. still not done.
I am feeling better (knock on wood) my health has made a swing for the better.
My husbands divorced parents are "seeing" each other. In fact they are on vacation for 12 days right now!

I think that is about it. I am sure that are more things, but listing them all really would take a long time.

I should be back in the swing of things soon.

enjoy life!

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