Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Glasses not one, but two pair

Doesn't it figure that a week before school pictures Bud breaks his glasses. Not an easy break either, it's the part where the hinge folds the glasses.
Well to be honest he did not break them. The bow or arm or what ever you want to call it just slid off. So the natural thing to do would be to take the glasses to the repair place and get them fixed pronto! Apparently the hubs did not WANT to take the glasses to get fixed. Something about teaching Bud a lesson. ARRGGHH So three days after they were broken on Saturday after I put 200 miles on the mom mobile I had to tack on another 100 driving to the eyeglass place and back to the hockey rink to make sure that I get the glasses back in time for school pictures (this Friday). No guarantee though. We gave bud the back up glasses and don't ya know it the part that holds the padding for the nose piece broke "in the middle of morning meeting" it was a very exasperated statement from a 7 year old. I did have to laugh at that part. Like he had to meet with the CEO or something.
So now we are down 2 pair of glasses and we have none for school pictures. The pair that he is wearing now has this white pad on the nose piece where the broken part is. Stands out like a broken leg.
It looks like I am running to the instant glasses place to get him a pair of glasses on Thursday night if we do not have glasses by then. Thank goodness his practice is at 5:10 which gives me enough time to get them done. Anything else to add to my week????

Enjoy life!

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