Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Hate crime" (thoughts needed)

What constitutes a hate crime?
Now I know that hate and crime are not the best words to use, so the definition is loose here.
If my child is called a name in a derogatory manner that is based on his race I can understand that being a "hate crime". How about if my child a called a name in a derogatory manner based on his gender? Is that crossing the line? If a boy at school is saying "you catch like a gaylord" is that a hate crime or is it bullying? Regardless of how he catches true or not it bothers me. Do I tell him to tell the teacher in a manner that says it is inappropriate? Do I let it slide after all they are only kids? Where do you draw the line on "hate crime". Again, I use the term loosely. We are talking 7 year olds so I understand the need for some leniency; however, did a child just get suspended for bringing a cub scout tool to school? Yes, these are apples and oranges, but I do not know what is a "hate issue"
Do I feel that if my child calls someone a gaylord that he will get suspended? Sure. After all my maternal instinct says that unless you know my kid you are out to punish first ask questions later.

October is complete another dear friend has been diagnosed with cancer and an uncle has passed away. Please let 2009 be over with.

Enjoy life!

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