Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This and That

So much and so little time.
We have been so busy with so much going on that it is incredible we even have time to breathe. Buds hockey once again it taking off at record pace. He has either games or practices 3-4 days a week in the city. I can not imaging how people with 2 kids do it. I have to make choices about where I am going and what meetings that I go to since he has hockey all the time.

We had to make a quick visit to the Dr yesterday, I thought he had strep. Nope. Got lucky on that one. He did get a flu shot and at 12:00 he woke up screaming that his arm hurt and he could not breathe through his nose. So I medicated him appropriately and back to sleep he went. Not me, I was up. Bummer!

I was reading the news today and I am not declaring which side of the political fence I am on, but I wanted to make a few statements. Assume nothing. I honestly like both candidates and can see myself voting both ways. I do not like EVERYTHING! that both parties do, but I agree with a bit of this and a bit of that.

Just because I am a hockey mom do not think I automatically align with Mrs. Palin. Yes, I have Versace glasses that are rimless and I have had them for 5 years. I like them and I am not a Palin copy cat.

If you go to a rally or protest do not be a fool. Do not jump on cars, and throw things. You look like a fool. It is hard to separate yourself from that group of idiots.

Stop the name calling. You are all adults and need to act that way. When my 6 year old says "mommy why does the man on TV say the other man is fibbing? Why doesn't he have to take his words off TV?" I say that while one man believes that the other is fibbing, the other one thinks that he is not fibbing. His reply is "mommy if they can't agree they need to not have any of it on TV." There you have it folks the younger they are, the more innocent they think, the more correct they are. You got it kiddo - lets leave the advertising to all of those Christmas toys that are being peddled now. Umm yeah that's right?

Enjoy life!

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