Monday, November 03, 2008

3 in 2

In our house Halloween came and went. It was honestly nothing spectacular. Bud went to the Amerks game to trick-o-treat in the suites. It was a frenzy of sugar, and he liked it. He really does not care how much candy he gets. Yeah for me. Most of it goes with the hubs to work since Bud only eats the M&M's and the kit kats.

Saturday the hubs took a vacation day so that we could go to Buds first official league hockey game. I also cancelled my scrapbook day with the girls as not to miss it. My brother, his wife and all three children came to see Bud play. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. I never expected to see them. I will say that the game was not a disappointment. Bud was moved from defense to offense and he was the third line center. Now being third line is nothing to brag about, that is the third shift on the ice and usually not much play. Bud is also only 6 and he is playing with 7-8 year olds. His second shift out he scored his first "official" goal. This is big, since the league keeps stats in this division. The team did go on to win in a shut out 8-0. He also had a game on Sunday. There was a pancake breakfast fundraiser that we had Sunday morning and it was great. We served over 190 people. Thanks to Applebees for supporting the team. Anyways, we had to be on the ice at 4:00 Sunday. Bud once again played third line center. This time he scored the first and second goals of the game. The team did go on to win 6-2. As far as stats go Bud has 3 goals in 2 games (3 in 2). I know not all games will go this way, and that he can't win them all, but we will celebrate the wins when they come. After all this is what he works so hard for.

Enjoy life!

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