Thursday, November 06, 2008

Almost the worst day evah!

I started the day waking up late. I had a sequence of events that just should not happen in one day.
As I was getting Buds school bag together I realized he got his school pictures. They are horrible. No wait, let me rephrase. They are really cute and Bud looks good, but there is this fuzzy shadow on the picture. I called the photo place and they said proudly "well ma'am that is our premiere touch" I said yes I realize that, but I specifically indicated that I did not want the premiere touch on his pictures and I wrote it on the envelope. " OK ma'am send in the packet and we will re-develop with out the premiere touch. It will take an additional 4-6 weeks to get them back." I asked if they will be back in time for Christmas. " Ma'am I would hope so" OK that is it, it was the third time she called me ma'am even after she asked me my proper name. So I said please; call me mommyrox, I hope that I get his pictures in time for Christmas. After all I recorded correctly that I didn't want your premiere touch service. She had the nerve to say "yes ma'am". Forehead slap forehead slap forehead slap. So now I am rushing out of the house. I stop by my favorite coffee spot to order my XL triple triple. I get to the office and I realize that my triple is a hot chocolate. Nowhere in the world can you replace coffee with hot chocolate. I don't care who you are. So now I am coffee deficient and a bit grumpy. I get my act together and start my job counting beans and I realize the the head beanie is not in. I needed the head beanie and I had to either use the head beanie's beaner or go tho the side beanie. I went to the head beanie's beaner. He was in and out all day so he could not help me. Then my bean counting program shut down. I was not only beanless I was with out a beanie. I left for the day and went home to upload some pictures to the computer from last night, and apparently all of the pictures I had on my camera were erased. I work in a place where there is an apparatus that if you get too close your phones and cameras erase the memory. Guess what... I got too close. My pictures were all erased. From Halloween last year to yesterday. That will teach me.
I decide that I am going to have dinner and sit and eat chips and dip for the rest of the evening.
Dinner was gross and the chips were all broken in the bag. For the grand finale the hubs enlightens me with his new found discovery of poison ivy. Calgon take me away!

Thank goodness that day is over!

Enjoy life!

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