Saturday, January 03, 2009

Merry New Year

Once again I have done it. I have not posted in forever and I could give a laundry list of reasons, buy why bother. I am here now.

We had a lovely Christmas. My mom and I made our annual trip to NYC for some retail therapy. It was nice. We re-connected with some old friends. Bud had his 7th birthday. Yes, I said 7. I can not believe how old he is getting. I do not age just in case the thought crossed your mind. We are still busy as ever with hockey. The boys did win the Wishbone Classic in their division and I am very proud. All of the boys worked very hard. We did some community service work on Dec. 22nd. As a family we all rang the bell for the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign. It was a great experience. It just so happened to be the coldest night to ring that stinking bell. We raised a bunch of money. It helps when a little kid is saying "don't forget the charity box" as he holds the door open to the department store. I am getting ready for winter recess to be over and just did major shopping for school lunches. Starting this month Bud has a game every Saturday and Sunday. This is my busy time at work and well lets just be real, I am grateful I still have a job. Our company has laid-off 22 people.
So to all of you a happy and healthy New Year and as always....
Enjoy life

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