Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still going

Yup today as well. Despite the huge snow storm and the terrible drive conditions and the fact that I left my lunch in my car and had to trek out to get it I am still in a god mood. What the heck is up with that? I am glad...don't get me wrong. I am just befuddled.

Well Bud has been doing very well at school. In fact If he continues on this road we will be going to the movies on Sunday as a bribe... er.. um... reward. This same little boy informed me that he now has a girlfriend. Apparently he asked a little girl in his class if she wanted to be his girlfriend. Now excuse me as I catch the last breath in my lungs. Regardless of the fact that I say there is no girl good enough for my son. Unless she has the idiot and tbtine as parents, but that is a big age gap. Little Fin is only 4 months old. She will be one smart cookie though. She may even be too good for my thug of a hockey player, but nonetheless anyone less than Fin will not be good enough. Now don't go getting all bent out of shape. The idiot has posted his expectations for his daughter which are totally attainable, realistic, and what every guy should know. But, since I don't know half of it I will have to pay someone to teach Bud.
I digress....He comes home and says he asked her and that she said yes. He is giving her lollipops and Hershey kisses almost daily. I said to him the other day What are you going to do when she does not want to be your girlfriend anymore. He says "then I can't tell her I like her hair or her clothes" With a straight face (my mind going a million miles a minute) I ask is that why she is your girlfriend? He says "No mommy, she rocks" My face fell obviously since I ROCK! I AM MOMMYROX! I said "I thought I rock!" he said "she does too".

I am in a good mood despite it all, and after all, I rocked first so there!

Enjoy life!

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