Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gramma v. Dr. Who wins???

The Hubs g-ma is in the hospital apparently last Friday while at an event for one of her 19 grandchildren she slumped over in her chair and literally passed out and stopped breathing. She was rushed top the hospital and was revived. As of now all is right with the world. However; while the doctor was performing tests on her she was feisty. She did not answer all of the questions honestly and the Dr. was getting politely irritated. Nothing compares to a mad Gma though.
Here is the example.

Dr.: Mrs. G-ma have you been light headed at all in the past?
Gma: Oh no. I have been feeling just fine. (all answers have a snide tone)
Dr.: When you get up in the morning what do you do?
Gma: What do ya mean? I get up in the morning. I am 81 years old, any morning I get up is good. I go to the bathroom. That is what I do.
Dr.: Mrs. Gma so, you get up use the facilities and then what?
Gma: I eat.
Dr.: What do you eat?
Gma: What ever I feel like.
Dr.: (looking at me) is she always this feisty?
Me: Yup!
Gma: I am sitting here talk to me. I can hear you. I am not deaf. (no she is not, she has all of her faculties)
Dr.: Yes Mrs. Gma. So when you get up in the mornings you feel good.
Gma: I did not say I feel good. I said I feel just fine. Sometimes I feel dizzy.
Dr.: So you feel dizzy in the mornings I thought you did not have any dizziness in the mornings.
Gma: No, I said I was not light headed in the mornings. I am dizzy in the mornings.
Dr.: Ok Ok Ok, So you are dizzy in the mornings.
Gma: (interrupting) Yes, I already said that.
Dr.: How long are you dizzy.
Gma: (blank stare)
Dr: Are you dizzy for a few minutes or all day.
Gma: Well if it were all day I would have been here sooner.
Dr: Yes, Mrs. Gma.
Gma: I don't like you. You ask too many questions.
Me: Gma he has to find out why you fell over. Just answer him, or he won't go away.
Gma: Well why didn't you say so. (looking at Dr.) Well lets go, ask your questions.

This is where we proceed to find out the she has been having "dizzy spells" for a few weeks.
She did not tell anyone because "it's no big deal"
So she is still in the hospital pissed a hell, and whats more they told her she can not drive anymore. Now, she is able to drive and believe it or not I would get in to a car with her. She is a good driver. It's just the passing out thing that is bothersome.
Anyways, I am glad I am not a Dr. I would not want to be on her bad side.

enjoy life!

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