Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Shoot out?? No Problem!

So we are still in hockey mode. We had a game last night and I have been telling Bud to stay out of the goal for what seems like forever. He likes being in the goal, but he is not a goalie. Trust me! He was the goalie for one game in this summer league and the pads did not fit him. He had to be picked up by the referee every single time he went down to block a shot. It was funny to watch, but not funny for the sake of the game. Well, my tormenting finally paid off. He stayed out of the goal and in the process played the best game he has ever played in this league. Scored one regulation goal and scored the only shoot out goal for his team. He was so happy. While we were talking about this excitement I said Bud, I can't tell you how proud if you I am. He says sure you can mommy go ahead. There I be, dumbfounded. I did not know what to say. So I just went on about staying out of the goal and getting to the net to shoot. He was so happy, that he had to call my parents in New Orleans to tell them. My dad was so happy for him. You could hear him smile ear to ear in his voice. Yeah I know not easy to imagine. But he was I know it.
The hubs was upset that he missed it since he plays volleyball in a league on Tuesday nights. I told him not a big deal, because there will be more and they will be better.
I am really proud of him though.

enjoy life.

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