Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Family Day

As many of you know the hubs works weekends. So on the rare occasion that the hubs can get a Saturday and Sunday off he puts in for vacation. We have not been so lucky this year only one day so far this year where we had a family day.
Soooo. Saturday and Sunday were Family day.
The hubs played in a Rotary softball game (we lost). Because Bud was so good we decided to let him play in the playground. He managed to smack his head on the post smashing his glasses in to his eyebrow area. Yes, it left a mark. Just in time for Kindergarten picture day. We still have no formal pictures of him without a mark on his face. I digress....
We went home where we put up a tent in the back yard for the great sleep out. Bud and Daddy camped in the backyard. Call it camping if you must, but running an extension cord to play a portable DVD player is not camping. So I had the big bed all to my self :-)
You really did not think I was going to sleep outside?? you did?? silly you!
We went out to eat at Perkins for breakfast. It was a good meal. Bud had open house for hockey after that. He skated for 2 hours. We got done with the skating at about 12:30ish. Since we had that big breakfast we went on a drive to a special family day place. I drove to a place in Williamson, NY called Lagoner Farms. They are predominately an apple orchard, but they do have a kids maze, adult maze, cider barrel rides, pumpkin painting, playground and the favorite apple slingshot. We were there for about three hours. We had lunch there and the kids played. Yes, I am counting the hubs as a kid. I will add that each event costs a various ticket amount which must be bought in the store.
It was a great day. We drove home and we were all tired. Took the tent down and called it a day. Really it was PB&J for dinner.
I was exhausted, but I would do it again in a second.

enjoy life!

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