Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blindsided by Assholes

Here is the deal.
I was recruited from my job to another. After working for two months I was let go.
When I asked why I was being asked to leave I was told it was not a performance issue. Excuse me??? WTF people. Why? It is two months before the holiday season and you are letting me go? Well, I found out the truth. My recruiters co-worker was very good friends with the boss. The co-worker left and went to another recruiting company and was not going to receive the commission for my placement. My boss, in allegiance to her friend said ok we will let mommyrox go and several others that you have placed and you can re post the job at new company.
WTF people???? It is two months before the holiday season and you are letting me and several others go??? For non performance related issues??? You Assholes!
So for the past two weeks I have been on every job website and posted emailed and mailed my resume everywhere. I have been on two interviews and let me tell you it is a bitch! I am bitter and cranky. I am spending my days going nuts! Afraid that there will not be a job before Christmas.
I finally told Bud and he cried a bit and said "then I will not have nice things"
When he was having issues getting up in the morning I would say If I don't get to work I will not have money to buy you nice things.
He remembered. So I had to tell him I have some money for nice things, but please do not ask for things you do not really need. This is a great lesson for us on what we need vs. what we do not need. Right now he says he needs a superman costume. I am pushing for a vampire. I can make that one. Don't laugh! I can sew if I HAVE to.
I will keep you posted.

enjoy life.

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