Friday, September 21, 2007


I am sorry, I broke my blogises. That is my word for blog promises. That is typically not my style, but man o man there is a ton of crap going on. Here is a bullet list.
  • School started for Bud and he loves it. He is not fond of one of his bus drivers and is trying to cope as a 5 year old does.
  • He started hockey and loves it.
  • FINALLY got the new storm door installed. Bought on 6/1/06.
  • Grandma on dads side had a fall and is in nursing home/rehab.
  • Got new job
  • Have a vacation coming up and can't wait
  • Started Weight Watchers and I am down an honest 9 pounds.
  • Colored my hair a way off color and hated it
  • Trying to color hair back
  • Hubs ripped off pinkey finger nail in an accident
  • I have to do dishes (see above)
  • Brothers wife is having a baby (yes, there is a stem on the apple)
  • Speaking of which... brother was picked for Forty under 40. Yeah!
  • Drooling over the new Apple video mini ipod. (want it bad)
  • Started Christmas shopping.

If that is not enough I can give you more, but that will do for now.

enjoy life!


snarx said...

Nine pounds!! You go, girl!! I'm so proud of you! (What color is your hair?)

Good to see you back--I missed you! Tell the hubs I'll make him a pie if he grows that nail back fast.

mommyrox said...

hiya Snarx- The hair is a funky shade of brownish red.

Pie. Snarx pie. MMMM YUMMY!