Monday, November 19, 2007

The countdown and Mr. Magorium

There is just so much to freakin' do and I have a pretty good head start, but by no means does that mean I will not freak out. I have the turkeys defrosting. Yes that is right I have 2 turkeys this year. The veggies are all bought (except for the celery and onions). The big table is up and the table cloth is out and fits the big table (thank goodness)! I have scoured my bathroom and cleaned all of the sconces and pictures in my house.
There are no major decisions to make except for what store am I going to go to first for Black Friday. Can you believe that? I am not impressed with any ads because there is nothing in them that I need. What I need to buy is not on sale!
I gotta tell you I took Bud to see Mr. Magoriums wonder emporium. I do not have discretionary dollars to spend freely, but I promised Bud we would go. It was awful!!! The premise is that Mr. Magorium is going to die! It is announced in the beginning that he is going to die for no reason. He was perfectly healthy at 243 years old (looking like any grandpa) and since his shoes are wearing out he is going to "just" die. Leaving the toy store to a friend to run. WTF people. Children are seeing this movie and you bring up death? It is rated G I believe. Again, I took Bud and he had nightmares that "mommy is going to just die". I said Mommy is not going to die today. I can not predict the future, but I am not going to lie either. He is terribly upset. I have come to realize that my son is sort of a sensitive child. He will still act impulsively, but he feels bad if he hurts you or if you are hurt. So I am a bit mad. This was previewed as wonderful toy store movie for children. It is about death. It is awful for children. Shame on you Disney. Now that I have given my view point.

enjoy life!

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