Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holy Crap Batman I feel like crap

As I mentioned before, we went on this wonderful trip to Florida and now that it has been almost three weeks since our return I am FINALLY feeling better. I have been so sick that just walking up and down stairs took my breath away. I had to go on job interviews and force myself well to just get through a couple of hours. I went to the Dr. and he put me on massive meds and it wiped me out to just combat the infection. Now I am feeling better. Just in time for the Thanksgiving feast! I have bought almost everything and I am ready to go. The only thing left are the fresh veggies. Once again I have more desserts than people. So be it.

On the job front, I went on this one interview that was 6 hours long almost two weeks ago. I was very excited about, not so much the commute, but the job itself. The HR guy calls me once every five days to make sure I am not loosing interest. They are just so busy that they have not had a chance to get everyone together to meet about what was said. He has told me that the feedback he has received has been really good. I keep applying to other jobs, but I have had no response. Did I mention that my recruiter left the company. She got an accounting job. Go F&*king figure. She was supposed to be working for me. Not that I am surprised. I am still pissed. There are going to be better things I am sure of it. I am on to the power of positive thinking.

enjoy life!

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