Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh Happy day

In reviewing the DOL page I have finally been processed for my unpaid waiting week which I was due on 10/14. Glad to see that I am only three weeks off.
On a happier note.....
I had a phone interview and it went well. They want to see me in person. Could be scary. I do clean up nicely if I might say so myself. Since I have already wowed them with my wit, I must wow them with my wardrobe. And shake this horrible cough that sounds like croup.
Anyways, still hoping. Must find Job.
I am tired of web searching, It has given me an opportunity to see how my "friends" in blog world are doing. Many are still clicking away. Not like I expected them to stop, I just was busy.
Once again it has been decided I will hold the feast of food on turkey day. This is a good thing I believe. I will cook for 12 people. 5 are children under 6. Still, I will do it no matter how much I claim to hate it. I think I love it. I just need a bigger house for this kind of thing. Just found out that one of the in laws has been separated from his wife for two months and that his wife filed for divorce. YIKES! We must have been living in a box or something, because we did not know. Better yet we mind our own business.

enjoy life!

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