Friday, September 12, 2008

Catchn' up

So we began 1st grade and Bud is loving it. Yesterday he fell off the monkey bars and lost his breath. He was very scared. I got the call from the school nurse and he rested there for about 2 hours. He even ate his lunch there.

The best part is that his teacher and the school nurse called me after school and gave me all the detail as to what actually happened. I love his school for caring about the family and the child. He is a boy's boy and he takes hard hits in hockey, but still he is only 6 and had no protective gear on. Unless you count his "super fly" sneakers. He has these Adidas sneakers that Run DMC used to wear in 1980. He loves them!!! There are bruises on his back and they look messy, but he can move up and down, touch his toes, twist and turn. All that and he says I feel ok mommy! Great off to school you go!

He did make the Mite "A" team. That is birth years 00 and 01. Bud is a 12/01 so he is barley there in age, but he made the "A" team which is typically 2nd year Mite kids, and the "B" team is 1st year kids.

I will say he worked really hard. He skated better than I have ever seen him skate during the evaluations. I am a proud of his efforts and he knows it.

So that's all for now. I am going to see the show Spirit of America this weekend. I am really excited, and I will update about it.

enjoy life!

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snarkalupagus said...

Smooch that child for me...I HATE getting the wind knocked out of me!!