Monday, September 22, 2008


It would appear that some of the husbands of the friends I have are idiots.

Lets take my friend Mrs. Hockey mom' husband.

I was at a birthday party for a friend of Bud's and the father of said friend says "What makes this cake different from wedding cake". I looked at him as if to say dude what are you taking about?
He then continues and says "what is it about wedding cake that turns off your sex drive?".All the while looking at me.
I looked at him and with out skipping a beat I say "Oh no, it is not the wedding cake. In fact I believe that the sex drive is great until you have us create more people in the world like you, and then you expect us to do all of the work to care for them and you, all the while not being able to go to the gym so that what used to be a size 4 is now a size 14. AND THEN you expect us to like ourselves as a size 14. Now, if you would help out with the children and say to your wife...Hey honey I have a spare couple of hours. I'll take the kids (meaning cook and entertain) and I will clean the house and start two loads of laundry, while you go to the gym and then get a massage; the sex drive may miraculously return after a couple of weeks. Get it!" Jacka$$.

You see as great a friend I have in Mrs Hockey her hubs forgets who he is talking to when he engages me in conversation. I love idiot men. Correction. I love putting idiot men in their place.

Enjoy life!


Congrats to The Idiot and tbtine on their new addition, and YEAH to Auntie Snarx! Nieces are great!

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