Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Blast

As predicted the Spirit of America was truly an amazing event. This first part of the show was re-enactment of the historic wars and it had cannons, horses, amazing song performances, and actors. The second was more contemporary. There were drill performances and marching, music selections from the 70's-today. There were no political views in music selection which made it better. It was a performance by active duty reservists and infantry men and women who serve the army as entertainers. I was pleasantry surprised.

They do not tour on a regular basis and the show is free. If it is in your neighborhood GO. It is worth it.

Bud had hockey Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this weekend. He fell apart on Sunday and I felt bad, but what am I supposed to do? He wanted this, I just hope that they break it up a bit so it is not all three weekend days all the time.

We had the remnant's of Ike in out neighborhood. Man o man those winds were powerful. Granted it was only about 55-58 mph, and we have very minimal damage compared to those in direct contact it was still amazing. We do have power lines down in she surrounding counties and we personally lost power from about 11:00 last night until 8:00 this am. Trees are down and to be honest when trees that are over 150 years old are lost it is a bummer.

Well, all in all it was a busy weekend. Since school has started I am running like crazy!

enjoy life!

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