Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The nerve

I have two of these. Shouldn't there be only one per family?
See below:
Just wondering if you need any ideas for Xxxxxx's B-day. I have a list for anyone who needs ideas. Will you all be attending the party? Talk to you soon!Xxxxxx

This is one of the rude people in my life. I actually emailed her a week ago letting her know that we will be at her sons party. She will now provide me a list of things that she wants. For Christmas she wanted me to buy books for her kids that were $9.99-$15.99 each! It was sooo rude and presumptuous. Then she had the nerve to ask me to buy her son jeans at Old Navy not the inexpensive ones the $16.99 ones then she asked for the receipt and returned them.

This is the one who bought my son get this (not an exaggeration) 17 shirts from Old Navy for Christmas they were 97 cents each and no pants. I would have been good with 3 shirts and 1 pant. Am I complaining too much? Should I be grateful that someone wants to buy for my kid? Sure, but it shouldn't come with conditions.

enjoy life

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snarx said...

Just think of it this way. When the child turns 18, you can tell her what a rude, greedy, presumptuous, obnoxious person she is, and you'll never have to deal with her again. (That's a long time to wait, though.)