Monday, February 12, 2007


The first of many! .....and I might add, I did very well.
Bud was taken down by a big kid during his game this weekend. He was cross-checked in to the boards and became "the guy" in "kill the guy with the puck". Once all of the coaches pulled all the other kids, off mine was on the bottom of the heap. Not able to skate off by himself I watched the coaches help him to the bench where he sat. My mind I go I stay on the bench and I I stay... I stayed. So there I am, the freak mom waiting for the thumbs up sign from the coach. It took what seemed like forever, but then came a shaky thumbs up signal. I did not move from my spot in the bleachers. I let the coaches do their job. Then three shifts later (6 minutes) he is back on the ice and that behemoth kid that took out mine was benched! HA!
This league, since it is 5-7 year olds, is a no checking, no penalty league. Once a kid goes down you are not supposed to keep stabbing your stick at him to get the puck loose, especially if he is not moving from the top of it. So it was an automatic bench! HA HA
Bud ends up with a bruised thigh, and a little shaken, but not out. My lesson.... I can deal with my kids hockey injuries just fine (sort of)..... his, get up quick.

enjoy life

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