Monday, February 05, 2007

-20 degrees

The local department of Children and Family services which governs the rules and regulations of schools and classrooms in private and public pay institutions has sent a notice home to parents at my child's school.
It reads as follows:

Dear Parents:
It has come to the attention of the NYS Department of Child and Family Services that oversees your child's scholastic program an overwhelming concern regarding the true definition of weather permitting outdoor play. The definition is as follows. Children enrolled in xxx (name of school) are required by law to have twenty (20) minutes of outdoor play each day weather permitting. We at the NYS Department of Children and Family Services have determined that weather permitting is anything above negative 20 degrees (-20) Fahrenheit. Your child may be excused from outdoor play at anytime providing you have a note from your child's physician on record stating the reason for the excused outdoor play and the time frame in which the child is to be excused. We hope this notice clears up any confusion.......

So on a day like today where it is 1 degree with a wind chill of -20 my child is required to go outside and play for 20 minutes. WHAT THE F&^K. Schools are cancelled across 3 counties due to the extreme cold for kids who walk to school, yet it is perfectly acceptable for my child to freeze his ass outside.
This is not just his school either. It is all private and public facilities that have children. You can bet your bippy that I am going to march my ass to the "child's physician" and see what I can do about getting a note excusing him from outdoor play where the temp is below zero.

Talk about absurd!

enjoy life

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