Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hearing Aids

I was at a dinner the other night where the average age in the room was 60. Now that is a far cry from my age. In case anyone is wondering.
The dinner was for our service organization; Rotary. We had a change over dinner for the out going Governor.
The meeting began with the pledge of allegiance, a patriotic song, and a word of thanks to the past district Governor which we traditionally stand for. Now the place where the dinner was held seems to be not only a restaurant, but a reception hall for weddings as the floor was that fake wooden type. Nothing against them mind you. The chairs we were on were not for a wooden floor since when you push out the chair or slide yourself in it is NOISY! Almost like thunder rumbling. So for the first 15 minutes there are people getting up and down with that awful chair noise. The next item on the program was a presentation from the local high school drama club who preformed Grease for the final show during the school year. They were quite lovely, but I am getting ahead of myself.
The elderly gentleman sitting next to me is unable to hear, so he pulls out his box of hearing devices, and as the introductions for the ensemble are starting he is putting them in.
In the movie Grease the opening piece is a patriotic song, therefore the high school ensembles first song is patriotic and just as this group starts the second line the gentleman (hearing aids all in and functioning) blurts out "Why aren't we standing?" He missed the part about introductions and this being a performance.
Then....yup you guessed it all 160 chairs start rumbling across the floor in the middle of the song. It was an awkward type of standing up. Some thought he was right and others were like he is a crazy old man, but we won't embarrass him. Once the song was complete all of those chairs rumbled back in all the while the performance was going on.
I am afraid of getting old. Very afraid.

Note to old men (should you read this):

Enjoy life!

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