Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OMG let me tell you something......

This is how someone I know starts a conversation with me. Not that I don't like it, but honestly, think about what you would like to share with me. Then think about the "story" behind it, since that is what you are going to get in to anyways. Over the last 45 days there have been several people that have shared somethings with me that I did not need to know. Some are funny, and some are down right gross. So I am going to share this with you. Remember this is what I was told not my personal news.

Used car sales guys are snakes.
Ya think???
Pink eye can come from herpes
eewwww gross!! TOUCH NOTHING!
Your child stayed up till midninght last night
not at my house, and while were at it, let's revisit the sleepover rules
I was a lactating stripper 3 jobs ago
Was that supposed to raise my already low opinion of you?
I win movie tickets for my dog/cat
great, do you share the popcorn too?
My daughter is over 30 still single, lives at home. Do you know anyone for her?
Yes, a shrink

Now as I mentioned there was more to these stories, but that is how they started. I can honestly say I do not care.
If what you are about to tell me has a OMG behind it or did I ever tell you....it means that there is a story behind it and I am very afraid of what is going to come out of your mouth.

Normal people carry on a conversation and will share tidbits of information. I am OK with that and would hope that what you tell me is informative, funny or even random time filler conversation. Not some elusive part of your life that people do not need to know.


My beloved Amerks are on the up and up. There was a ton of drama about them. They have a new owner, are now affiliated with the Florida Panthers, and are looking to have a improved season. let's hope!

Hockey camp starts soon and I am looking forward to outdoor camping with Bud. It should be fun. The hubs can't go he has to work. Next year. We are also planning on the state fair. this year. Yeah!!!

Congrats to Kate & Bill on their new baby boy Jack. All our best to you. These happen in 3's so there ought to be 2 more on the way. After all I just found out they were pregnant 3 weeks ago. I am so out of touch.

Enjoy life!

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