Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some sunshine even on a cloudy day

I went to the doc's yesterday and have been waiting on an update, so I called home to see if I had any messages. The hubs is home with Bud today and so I chatted a bit with him.
Just before hanging up he says we need to do something special for Bud.
My thought is that he is sooo spoiled by grandparents that I can not fathom why we would need to do that.
He said that while he was getting everything ready to clean the gutters, it started to rain and the rain was getting harder and harder.

He decided to cover the gutter stuff and wait for the rain to pass. Good idea as I would rather him not be atop a metal ladder in a storm. Anyways, as he entered the house from the downstairs in laundry room he saw the clothes that were outside on the clothesline were now on the clothes bars in the house.
He went to look for Bud and saw him in his room making his bed and tidying up his shoes. Hubs said he asked Bud what's up? Bud said he heard the thunder and wanted to be helpful so he took all of the clothes off the line and hung them up. "figured he could clean up the shoes while he was in a cleanin' mood"
Hubs said he gave him a hug and went down to see his handy work. The hubs was impressed and said for a 6 year old he did a great job. He did pull the clothes off the line since he could not reach the pins, so I told the hubs to take a picture of the clothes line. Only because I do not want to forget this story.

Enjoy life !
even the little things

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