Thursday, January 25, 2007

I am bitch hear me roar!

Breathe in......breathe out..... breathe in..... breathe out...... It's not working!
Things have been so crazy that yesterday I forgot that there was an Amerks game. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I can't. I love hockey and I forgot about a home game. Work has been so consuming that I forget things that I have to do. Such as...... I had to run to BJ's to get snack for Bud's hockey practice last night. (snack mom again) So after I get Bud to practice and bring in the snack, I leave for the Amerks game. The hubs was there and took over, nothing like tag team. I get to the Amerks game and for some reason my heart is not in it. I am not concentrating on the game. After the second period I leave. I get home about 9pm and carry in the remaining juice pouches. The hubs says "why didn't you leave the extra box of juice?" I told him I did and he said they were short 3 pouches. There are 15 kids on the team and I left 20 juice pouches. He said there was only one box of 10. I was upset. There were 3 kids that did not get juice. Then he says Bud got sick at practice. He has had a cough since Tuesday morning, and after practice last night he coughed up so much phlegm that it required the garbage can. EEWWW!
Well I called the team manager and told her that I brought two boxes of juice pouches. She said that she saw a box in the hall and did not put two and two together until I called her. Some older kids (9-10 year olds) went in to our kids (5-7 year olds) locker room and took their snack. I felt and still do feel bad that some kids did not get juice. They practice hard and the parents I am sure count on juice for their kids after practice. I know I do.
Well, to continue my saga, Bud was coughing all night and at 2am he calls for me and says that his back is so hurting when he coughs and he is now running a fever. So I administer the ibuprofen and rub his back. He is crying that it hurts so much. I feel so bad for him. I get the heating pad out and for the rest of the night I am rubbing his back and putting the heating pad on his back. I get to work an hour late and a co worker says good morning. I replied wit a F-you. It was uncalled for, but I am tired and really far behind in my work. So I am a bitch today and I am not sure my brain can handle much more! I have emotional stress, work stress and sick kid stress. Calgon take me away. No wait, never mind that makes me itch and I do not want that stress.

enjoy life

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