Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ahhh here we go!

Again my blatant disgust for Christmas before Halloween comes this time of year. It is good in one aspect. My child has no idea what he wants for Christmas AND the things he does want are stupid commercials he sees on TV and says " Mommy I want that" my universal answer is tell Santa. I can count on Bud to never remember. Well this past week he asked for tickets to see the Buffalo Sabres. I looked at him and said "ask Santa" Then the smarty pants he is said "Santa can't make tickets he makes toys. How is he going to get tickets?" Darn you smart child. I think quick on my feet and tell him that Santa will make toys for the man who has the tickets and trade. A simple "OK" came out and that was that. Each year they get harder and harder. Since we have already secured the tickets for Christmas we are all set there. It is the rest that is a challenge. I have no idea what to get him! Suggestions are helpful.

enjoy life!

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