Monday, October 29, 2007


Ahhh..... the sounds of the ocean, waves laping on the shore, sea guls chirping and the warm breeze brushing over me as I sit on the sandy covered beaches in the Gulf of Mexico. 10 days of pure relaxiation. (well, it rained for two).
It was just that lovely.
On the days I was not at the beach I was sitting poolside with a fresh squeezed glass of Florida orange juice. mmmmm.
I get off the plane and Kapow! It is 35 degrees and COLD! Yeah, I know I live in NY I should know better. I am still unemployed and still frustrated as all get out about the Dept of Labor, but I will get through it. I will be patient!
Short recap is that we went to the Lowery park zoo and it was amazing! As soon as I reboot my camera software I will upload a picture of Bud feeding the giraffe Randall. Daddy fed Coby as he was just too big and intimidating for Bud. He also fed the stingrays and the (shuddering) Morey eels. A very hands on Zoo. I will add the the eel bit was at the Florida Aquarium.
We do not have a costume picked out yet, but we are working on it. We have 2 days. Actually 1 if you count that he has practice tonight.

enjoy life!

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