Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some 'splainin to do

Operator: Were you dismissed for lack of work?
Mommyrox: Umm No
O: Were you dismissed for breaking company policy?
M:Umm No
O: If not for lack of work, were you given a written warning? Verbal?
M: Umm No and No
O: You state that you were not let go for lack of work, so what policy was violated?
M: Umm none.
O: I am sorry you do not qualify for benefits until we can determine that you were terminated for lack of work.
M: Excuse me , but you did not hear me. The recruiter did not get commission on her placement because SHE switched jobs. Not me. I was let go so she could find a placement where she could get her commission.
O: Yes, Ma'am I understand, but unless you were let go for lack of work we have to suspend all benefits to you.
M: Why?
O: You violated a company policy and were dismissed. I will need proof of written warnings sent to the office before we can determine if you qualify.
M: No I did not violate policy, and I was never written up, so no written warnings will be sent.
O: Then why were you discharged? Please explain.

This is my tax dollars at work? How do I get that job?

enjoy life!

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snarx said...

and that would be why you should go to the Attorney General's office...and the Department of Labor (who I know is who you were talking to just then) and the Equal Employment Opportunity people and the news media.

Just a suggestion...butting out now.

Love you much & hope the job search ends soon and well!