Friday, October 12, 2007

Outta my system

OK, I am done being pissed off and I have a wonderful bunch of friends trying to help me land a job. The tips were amazing.

I have had a lot of time at home and realized I am not meant to cook. Bake, yes. Cook, nope. While I enjoy eating.....(I am down 21 pounds now). I can not cook.
Part of the pre-requisite to cooking is tasting as you go. That is one thing I can not do. So if a recipe calls for " season to taste" I can not. Season to taste is either too much or too little. Never just right as I am not a guesser. My husband will tell you Nah, the wife can not cook. You don't even want her to try.
Anyways, I thought if I had the time I might be able to do it. Had the time, still could not do it.

Officially cooking is outta my system. I think it might be best for everyone involved!

enjoy life!

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