Thursday, May 04, 2006

Yeah.... I know.... It's been a while.

There has not been too much to report on. I have been loaned a book called Freakonomics from Mistah K at work. I will indulge myself this weekend when I have to sit in the back on that loooonnnnngggg drive to PA.
  • My nephew who is two, fell down the stairs and broke his collar bone. A great big smoochie to him and a speedy recovery! Poor guy!
  • I am leaving work early today to get my hair done. If my life were not so chaotic I would do it during down time like normal people, but I am not normal.
  • My home computer shit the bead, needs to see Doctah H
  • I tried something called lip waxing. Big mistake.....HUGE mistake.....I do not recommend it. Hurts like a mutha.
  • I have now gained back the xx amount of lbs. I lost and need motivation to get it back off.

Have a great weekend.

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La Dolce Vita said...

hey, how do you like freakonomics? i saw a thing on it and have been planning on getting it...but ya know...just haven't gotten to it.

hope your trip was good.