Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Hubs
Happy Birthday to you.


Back from PA and so freakin' tired. Read book from co-worker. It is a speedy read, and in some places actually very thought provoking. There are some parts that you want to say "WHAT?!?" and then in the next breath say "wow.... you could be right"

One of my nieces who is about to be 2 saw a man that looked like Santa this weekend. He is in Rotary and sat with my family for a minute and as he sat this little voice says "ho-ho...ho-ho" it was so funny, since he really does look like Santa, and I never put the two together. The gentleman said that he gets it all the time. Well her older sister who is 5 came over and shook her head no because she did not think it was him. I said "well what do you think Santa does the rest of the year?" You could see her thought process where she was afraid to say it was not him, but not ready to concede that it was him. Those girls are really amazing! Too bad the parents suck! (That is until they apologize!)

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