Friday, May 19, 2006

Bud and Daddy Day!

If each day I got yelled at it would be worth it as long as in return Bud and Daddy had days like yesterday.
Things happen that are so far out of my control that there is nothing that I can do. If a nameless wireless company takes money that my company sends in and applies it to a "holding account" because they are stupid It is not my fault. If said wireless company turns off CEO's phone for non-payment it is not my fault. But some how it is. As previously mentioned I took my beating (even if it was not my fault) and dealt with it.

Well, yesterday Bud and hubs went to the ball game. It was a noon o'clock game and it was delayed 2 hours due to rain. Well as they entered the ball park one of the promotional people there asked if Bud would like to be the honorary coach. This is where the kid goes ON the field and gives the umpire the line up cards for the teams. He did it and loved it. Their picture is on the front page of the sports page of the paper. He also got 3 baseballs which delighted him so much. He said that he had a great "Bud and Daddy day" The excitement and joy on his face when I walked in the door yesterday was priceless. I know it was a fluke and it it not always like that, but that does not matter it happened for them yesterday.

So as I said.... I will take a hundred days of getting yelled at for him to have a hundred days of yesterday.

Side note: My dad won the volunteer of the year which is great.

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La Dolce Vita said...

Oh Sweetie,
So sorry to hear about the work beating. I haven't been off line all week, so am just catching up. I sympathize to the utmost...been there, had that beating from that particular idiot, know your pain and the incredibe frustration at the injustice of it and the utter lack of manners and bad upbringing that leads someone to think that laughing at how they treated you is an acceptable way to smooth things over...whatever.....don't get me started....

BUT, glad to hear that Bud and Daddy had such an excellent and awesome day! We love that!

Keep your beautiful chin up my dear.